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Thanksgiving, Remembering the Lord
The identification of a Christian (disciple) and thanksgiving. Much have been said about getting the wisdom and knowledge of God, that God is the G...
05 Dec 2016
The Promise, the Comforter and the Spirit of Truth
Thermal Scan of the Great Pyramid (posted 3rd November).   The Promise, The Comforter and the Spirit of Truth. Eph 2:11-22 (11)...
15 Oct 2016
Ye must be born again.
The New Birth is being Born Again. In other words, in any birth, a live birth is a newborn baby, a human being that came out of a union of husband ...
12 Sep 2016
First Doctrine of Jesus
Joh 3:1-13 (1) There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews: (2) The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rab...
27 Aug 2016
Do you now believe?
Do you see it now? Or do you now believe? 63-0623M STANDING.IN.THE.GAP_ JEFFERSONVILLE.IN V-6 N-7 SUNDAY_ « 59 † Saint Paul, on his...
17 Jul 2016
Who Is Melchizedek, Where is He Today?
Who is Melchizedek (or Melchisedec – NT spelling) and where is He today. Yes, you would notice I used the capital “H” for He. Why...
19 Jun 2016
Jesus of the New Testament is Jehovah of the Old Testament
Jesus of the New Testament is Jehovah of the Old Testament Mine, is this another clinger? Is this correct ? Is Jesus Christ of the New Testament, t...
11 Jun 2016
I and My Father are ONE
I and My Father ARE ONE (John 10:30) What a statement. Immediately the Jews wanted to stone Him because when Jesus said that, the Jews knew He was ...
06 Jun 2016
The Next Exodus
  After our series on the Serpent Seed, it seems very appropriate to continue our study of the bible in Exodus, how the Egyptian was s...
21 Apr 2016
The Serpent Seed - Appendix 2/2
The Serpent Seed - Appendix 2/2 continued from 1/2 There are other conjectures about who Bilhah and Zilpah were, but without the Word to subs...
18 Mar 2016
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