Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity, which he hath given thee under the sun, all the days of thy vanity: for that is thy portion in this life, and in thy labour which thou takest under the sun.


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The Serpent Seed - Appendix 1/2
The Serpent Seed VI - Appendix 1. Bi Paternal Twins An article in Yahoo News, and AOL (American On-line) pointed to the first tested case of bi-p...
17 Mar 2016
The Serpent Seed V - The Bruised Serpent
The Serpent Seed V – The Bruised Serpent on the Pole Finally we come to the most important aspect of the Serpent Seed. Why Christ got to come...
06 Mar 2016
The Serpent Seed IV - The Seed of the Woman.
The Serpent Seed IV – The Seed of the woman. In the sermon, three kind of believers, the prophet laid out for us that there these three chara...
28 Feb 2016
The Serpent Seed III - The Tree of Life
The Serpent Seed III – What kind of Tree is the Tree of Life? Before we proceed on the Tree of Life in this article, we continue with the sub...
16 Feb 2016
The Serpent Seed II - Who are the Nephilims and Anakims
Serpent Seed II – The Giants or (Hebrew: Nephilims) of Genensis 6 and Numbers 13 In continuation of my understanding of the truth of the Serp...
10 Jan 2016
Was It An Apple
Serpent Seed I : Was It An Apple (Editor: We start this series on the truth of the Serpent Seed as recorded in the bible and revealed to the prophe...
02 Jan 2016
I am late for this month's article, as I weighed the two prime themes almost burning in my heart to express them to you, which are the 1) “f...
29 Nov 2015
The Beginning of the Creation of God
This subject is one which was left out of traditional church theology. That is  until this prophet came and began to expound the full meaning of ...
24 Oct 2015
The End of All Things
Today, this very moment as I meditate on the Word of the Lord, hearing some of those anointed singing in you-tube, and just being absorbed in worship ...
26 Sep 2015
The Blast and Mist (Fog) III
  Continuing.... SPIRITUAL.FOOD.IN.DUE.SEASON_ JEFF.IN V-8 N-7 SUNDAY_ 65-0718E 80 I got in the room there and got to speaki...
02 Sep 2015
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