It is a sign between me and the children of Israel for ever: for in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested, and was refreshed.

    EXODUS 31:17

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Full Whatsapp messages with a Follower of Richard Gan
6/24/19, 8:42 PM - Messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption. Tap for more info. 6/24/19, 8:42 PM - Peter Wan: You...
11 Nov 2019
Extract from "Is Your Life Worthy of the Gospel"
158 Now watch. When He came into the world, when there was more, as much unbelief in the world right then as there ever was, it didn’t even slow...
11 Aug 2018
How Audience Worldwide Response to the Prophetic Ministry
The Lord bless you, brother. Good morning, friends. It’s very hot, to be in the tabernacle this morning, but very glorious to be here. So glad t...
24 Mar 2018
Forsake not the Assembling - more so
I have to remind myself often that these articles I have posted are for those readers who are keen to understand more about this message. It is  ...
14 Jan 2018
ALMOST HOME ----------------Chapter 5 and 6 (end)
I like the song, It took a Miracle to Put the Stars in Space. It took a Miracle to Hang the Moon in Place. “But when He saved my soul,” th...
01 Jul 2017
ALMOST HOME ---------------Chapter 5 (part)
Chapter 5   - THE LORD WORKS IN WONDROUS WAYS I said one day to our pastor, "I have a notion to ask William Branham to come to Shawano...
01 Jul 2017
ALMOST HOME -------------Chapter 4
Chapter 4 - God answers prayer  On another occasion all four hitchhikers wanted to get off at Calgary. I traveled two hundred (200) miles farthe...
30 Jun 2017
ALMOST HOME -----------Chapter 3
Chapter 3  -  The beginning of Miracles Because of God's mercy and grace a new life began for me. On my next trip to Edmonton, Canada...
30 Jun 2017
ALMOST HOME..............Chapter 2
Chapter 2  - The Wilderness of Alaska In the fall, after many days of shoveling and washing gravel and dirt in the sluice boxes for the gold we ...
29 Jun 2017
ALMOST HOME, The Life Story of Ernest Fandler
Chapter 1  - Early Life Many times, I have been asked to write my life story because I have come through so many difficult circumstances. Finall...
29 Jun 2017
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