(24)  A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

    PROVERBS 18:24

Ye must be born again.

Posted: 12 September 2016


The New Birth is being Born Again.

In other words, in any birth, a live birth is a newborn baby, a human being that came out of a union of husband and wife, from conception in the womb of the mother which when come of age is delivered into the world. That is the natural birth. Jesus first doctrine tells us we must be born again, this time conception occurred by the revealing and acceptance of God's Word which is the seed. That by election, there is a son and daughter of God waiting to be delivered into the Kingdom of God, by the Spiritual Birth. Only God can give us this new birth being born again. No one place this understanding better than the man ordained to preach to us this truth, the Seventh Angel Messenger of Revelation 10:7.

For in the days of his voice, when he begins to sound, the Mystery of God should be finished. Let us hear from him in the following messages:-


16 † For instance, I believe that every born-again member of the Body of Christ is a paradox in themselves. I believe each one of you Methodist and Presbyterian and Lutheran, that never had experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit, was in some formal church that did not believe in the genuine new Birth, and has now received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, is a perfect example of a paradox. Because, something happened to you, that changed your whole being, and anyone could look at that and know what a paradox is: a miracle.

17 Unless that happens, you cannot be a Christian. There must be a paradox, for you to become a Christian. Cause, no one can--can change a spirit in a man, and give him new Birth, outside of God. God alone is the only One can do it. And it's a miracle how that God can take a man's thinking, and his ways, and his life, and everything, and change it from what it was, to what it can be, what He can make it.

18 † For instance, a few days ago, I was called in on a--a scene, or on a--a little something going on. There was a fine young man, very fine boy, he was going with a little girl, very fine little girl out of a fine family. And this boy, all of a sudden, came up with some kind of an idea, and he just walked away. He did something wrong to the little girl, and much as promised her to do a certain thing and then didn't do it. And instead of coming to the girl and apologizing, like a--a gentleman should do, he, it just wasn't in him to do it.

19 And the father and mother called me to the scene, and said, "We would desire to know what is wrong with our boy."

20 Now, it's not easy to do sometime, but you must be truthful and honest. Therefore, the boy was a Christian, as far as a believer. He had repented and had been baptized, and had his position among the believers, but yet had not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, no matter how much he thought he had.

21 † You thinking you have, and having It, is two different things. You might be able to try to say you have, and you might be able to show some evidence of some emotion; but unless your life is vindicating what you're professing to have, you still haven't got It. No matter how many emotions, how much you jump, run, sensations, speaking in tongues, or shouting, or whatever you might lay it upon; which is all right, I believe in all that, too; but unless your life copes with your testimony, then you haven't got It. Cause, the fruit of the Spirit vindicates what you are, just like the fruit of any tree tells what it is. Jesus said, "By their fruit you shall know them."

22 † Now, this young fellow's parents. His mother is German. No reflection on the German, but there is a strain in that family. And, that is, they'll just sit, and you can talk to them, and they'll just stare you right in the face. They got... This girl's sister, the mother of this boy, her sister. I have come down the street, many morning, and this young lady be setting out in the yard, and I'd say, "Good morning, to you." She'd just look at me. And I'd stop, and I'd say, "Sure a fine morning." She would just stand, look right at you; an intelligent woman. And I'd say, "Come up to see us sometime." She'd just stand and look. Well, her brothers are that way, father and mother is that way.

23 † Now the father of the boy, is strictly an Irishman, moody, and high-tempered, high-strung. That's his whole family like that, except one other out of the family, converted. Now in this, this boy...

24 This father and mother, both are Christians, filled with the Holy Ghost, and they have brought this young man up in the way of the Lord. And now the young man is about seventeen or eighteen years old, something along there, very fine kid, and he's--he's been a real model boy at home, nice kid. And he's got a brother that's just vice versa.

25 But the girls, the mother's family, lives close to the... a fine church. But do you think they'd ever come over there? No. And they know It's right, but it's just not in them to--to ask forgiveness or ask pardoning. They just won't do it. It's just not in them.

26 † Now the genes in the father and the mother of this boy, no matter how much they are converted, still remains the flesh that's been interbred out to this boy. Therefore, the boy has got a complex in him, just like from his mother's family, and they are not forgiving, they will not apologize, and that's where that boy stands.

27 Now, I said to the father, "No matter how much you've raised him up..." I said, "Now look at you, out of your family: all of them, drunks, and--and fighting, and shooting, and cutting, and so forth."

28 "Now look at your family," to the mother. "They're a bunch of people, just set there and won't speak, very independent, and so forth, irreverent to religion. But," I said, "it's not you. You're the only one of all your sisters and brothers, and you are sweet, kind, and forgiving. What does that? And you're tree, part of that family tree, yet you have received the Holy Ghost. That's the thing that made you tender and sweet. It's not your people anymore, it's your Christ that lives in you."

29 I said to the boy, "Look at your family, practically all of them are drunks, and so forth." I said, "And how moody, and--and high-tempered and high-strung, but you're not. You're kind, forgiving. What is it? The Holy Spirit. You're no more what you are; it's Christ in you." I said, "Now that same thing has to happen to your son."

30 † And the father raised up and said, "My son went to the altar. He was baptized correctly, in the Name of Jesus Christ, and water baptism in the pool." Said, "I know my son has come to Christ."

31 I said, "That may be all right, all the outward motions. He might be identified as a believer with the believers. But until he is regenerated, born again, I'd advise that young man to never marry a woman. He'll make Hell on earth for her, until that gentle, sweet, forgiving Spirit of Christ comes in. Then that will be a paradox in itself, to take the very nature of a boy that's bred between father and mother. And yet, in his intellectuals, he is trying his best to overcome it. He can't do it. He'll never overcome it. Christ will have to overcome it. When he lets Christ in, then he's already overcome then. It'll be a perfect paradox, when a man is born of the Spirit of God.

32 † I've seen critics stand off and make fun, and carry on, of a Holy Ghost revival. And after a while, God get a hold of that same man and change him, and here he stands right in the pulpit preaching the same thing that he once hated. It's a paradox, how that God can take the unbeliever and make a believer out of him.


74 † That's the way many people does about coming to Christ. They lay the foundation, of believing on the Lord Jesus and accepting Him as personal Saviour, and maybe going on to Christian baptism. But when it comes to following on through, to the baptism of the Holy Spirit, somebody explains it away for them. That's the reason that seed fell by the wayside, or it fell on stony grounds.

75 But the man and woman who has faith that God, that Christ, is the same yesterday, today, and forever, that His Word is just as real now, and every promise just as true as it ever was, there is no minister, nobody, nobody can explain it away from them. They are perseverant. They climb on until they achieve what they've purposed to do. There is no way to explain it away from them. They believe it.


233 † Look, Christ in you makes Him the center of Life of the revelation. See? Christ's Life in you makes Him the center of the revelation. Christ, in the Bible, makes the Bible the complete revelation of Christ. Christ in you makes you the complete revelation of the whole thing, see, what God is trying to do.

234 What is the new Birth then? You'd say, "Well, Brother Branham, what is the new Birth?" It is the revelation of Jesus Christ personally to you. Amen! See? Not you joined a church, you shook a hand, you done something different, you said a creed, you promised to live by a--a code of rules. But Christ, the Bible, He is the Word that was revealed to you. And no matter what anybody says, what takes place, it's Christ; pastor, priest, whatever it might be. It's Christ in you, that is the revelation that the Church was built upon.

235 † You say, "Well, I'm a Lutheran. I'm a Baptist. I'm Presbyterian." That don't mean one, don't mean [Brother Branham snaps his finger--Ed.] that to God, not a thing, not a snap of your finger.

236 What is it? It's Christ being revealed, and He is the Word. And when the Word is revealed, It expresses Itself. See? That's God's purpose for Jesus Christ, was to express Himself, to take His Own laws and live by His laws, con-... and fulfill His law, by death. And Christ, God, died in flesh, in order to condemn sin in the flesh, that He might bring to Himself a glorious Bride, redeemed back, that will believe only in the Word of God; and not swap It, like Eve did, for intellectual conceptions of man. You see it? That's Christ's idea. That's God's idea. The new Birth reveals this.

237 † And if a man says he is born again, and try to place these promises of Christ, in this last days, to some other age, making Him Christ yesterday but not today, then that man or that person has been in a--a delusion by Satan. And if that man says that he believes That, and it doesn't manifest itself through him?

238 Jesus said, in Mark 16, "These signs shall follow them that believe; into all the world, and to every age." Casting out devils, and speaking with tongues, and--and all these great manifestations of gifts that would follow, that, "they shall!" Not, "they may be; they ought to." "They will!" And heavens and earth will pass away, but His Word won't.

239 † So it's Christ expressing Himself in the individual, whether he's intellectual or whether he's--he don't know his ABC's. Half the apostles didn't know it, see, but they knowed Christ. They never taken heed to Peter and John, knowing that they had been out of some seminary. They said, "They taken heed and noticed that they had been with Christ," when they healed the lame man, see, at the gate. They knowed they--they had been with Christ.

240 † The new Birth is Christ, is a revelation. God has revealed to you this great mystery, and that's a new Birth. Now what are you going to do when you get all that group together, where the revelation is perfectly in harmony, and God expressing it through His Word by the same actions, the same things that He did, making the Word manifest! Oh, if the Church only knew its position! It will, one day. Then, the Rapture will go when it knows what it is. Now notice.

241 You say, "Brother Branham, but that--that ain't..." Oh, yes, it is, too. It is the Truth.

242 † Did you notice? Paul never knew Jesus, physically. Paul never knew Him. The only way that Paul knew Him was by a revelation, by a vision. Is that right? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Paul only knew Jesus by the revelation, just like Peter did.

243 Peter had seen Him in flesh, but he didn't know Him by flesh, 'cause Jesus said so. "Flesh and blood didn't reveal it to you. Even My Own life didn't reveal it to you. But My Father which is in Heaven has revealed the thing to you, that He is the Word of God, and upon this rock I'll build My Church." Peter didn't know Him by flesh. Man walked, and handled Him, and everything else.

244 † Paul had something greater than any of the apostles did. See?

245 They said, "Well, I--I've got more of a revelation than you, Paul, because, you know, I walked with Him. I went fishing with Him, one day. I heard Him talk. He sat in a boat with me, and actually told me, 'Let's go over here and fish in this place, and we'll get more fish.' And we did it." See? See? "We seen Him do things."

246 But Paul saw Him after He was dead, buried, rose again, and expressed Hisself in the Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel. Knowing... Paul, being a Jew, would have never called that "Lord" unless he had seen the expression, He was back, the same yesterday and forever. He said, "Paul," in other words, "I'm the same God today that I was yesterday. Here I am, in the same Light, the Pillar of Fire that Moses talked to, in the burning bush." No wonder he could separate the law from grace, over in the Book of Hebrews; he met that same Pillar of Fire. He said, "I am Jesus, Whom you persecute."

247 † And here He is today, in the same manner, by the same Pillar of Fire, expressing Himself and vindicating Himself the same, revealing the mystery of God that's been hid since the foundation of the world. See it?

248 Paul only knewed Him by--knew Him by revelation. Peter knew Him by revelation.

249 He walked with Him, talked with Him. Therefore, you can set this Word. Now, I've just said that He was the Word. Now, a scholar can sit down and read that Word till he can just tie your mind up in any way, see, if he wants to do it, 'cause he's smart, brilliant. Get a Catholic priest, or, not so much as that, as a real good trained theologian in the Bible. Brother, a Baptist, or a Presbyterian, or something, he'll make you think that you don't know nothing, see, when it comes to talk. What? See, because that he has knowed Him in the flesh, the Word. [Brother Branham pats his Bible--Ed.]

250 † But the only way you're saved is by know Him by revelation!

251 If I can take, I can take the Presbyterian doctrine and tie you Pentecostal till you won't know. I can take the Baptist doctrine and show you Pentecostals a million things that you know nothing of. That's right, but that's not it. That's not His Church. That's not His Church.

252 His Church is Himself revealed, (Amen! Do you see it?) and expressed by the Word Itself, that He is God. See?

253 † How can you say, "Father, Son, and Holy Ghost," then, and be baptized in it? Heathens! Right! How can you say you know Jesus Christ, He is the Word, when, there's not a Scripture in the Bible, there's not a place where anybody was ever baptized in the name of "Father, Son, Holy Ghost"?

254 And you--and you Jesus-only people, just using the name "Jesus" for baptism! I'm personally acquainted with four or five Jesuses, myself. So you see what your denominations lead you into? That's the darkness, the expression of Cain, who brought fruits in the stead of blood. See?

255 † But the revelation come through the Blood, see, through Jesus Christ, Who is the Blood of God, creative Blood in the womb of Mary. And Paul knew Him by revelation. That's how we know Him today, is only the only way you could know Him. Not say, "I'm Methodist." That means nothing. "I'm Baptist." That means nothing. "I'm Catholic." That means nothing. But by the revelation, that God has revealed the Word to you! He is the Word. And the Word, how you know It's revealed, It lives Itself and expresses Hisself through you. Oh!

256 Churches has long forgotten that great revelation. That's right. Revelation of the Truth, they have forgotten it. They went to...

257 Now, when Luther raised up, he was a great man. He had the revelation of that day. But what happened? A bunch of rickies got in, flat-top's haircuts, as we'd call it today, and rickettas, and all of them, they got around there. And--and--and, the first thing you know, it's there.

258 † That expression. If you only--only knew the numerology of the Bible, and know what Elvis or--or Ricky means, to the Scripture! Uh-huh. Just like, why did Jesus... You say, "There is nothing to that, your name." There isn't? That name could only come in this last days, for this last-days people.

259 Why did Jesus change Abram's name to Abraham, then, Sarai to Sarah? Why did He change Saul to Paul? Why did He change Simon to Peter, and so forth? You see, certainly it means something.

260 That name could not be spoken till this day. That's the reason we got this hellish thing we got in the earth today, because of such things. The whole human race is corrupted. It's--it's gone, see, and that's why it is.


301 † "Blind leaders of the blind!" Notice, God holds this key, alone. No theologian can tell you; It's not known. It's hid from them. They know nothing about It.

302 So the schools, when you say, "I got a Ph., LL.D.," you only make... To me, and, I believe, and to God and to any real true believer, that means you're just that much farther away, you just backed off. God is not known by education. He is not known by how to explain It.

303 God is known by simplicity and of revelation of Jesus Christ to the most illiterate person. See? Not your theology. It's a revelation of Jesus Christ. "Upon this rock I'll build My Church." No other rocks accepted, no other things accepted, no other Roman rock, no other Protestant rock, no other school, no other nothing, but on exactly the revelation of Jesus Christ through the new Birth. He borns in there, and He injects His Own Life, and your life is gone. And the Life of Christ is projecting Itself through you, with the preeminences, to the people; that they see the very Life, and works, and signs, and wonders, that He did, is doing the same thing through you. Outside of that, the rest of it's not even called to, at all. Watch God's great revelation unfolding!



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