For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    JOHN 3:16

Why 3 Curtains

Posted: 12 July 2011


Why 3 Curtains

  E-39    There's three curtains. As I leave you this afternoon, I leave this with you. Remember, there's three curtains. One of them's called the iron curtain, one of them the bamboo curtain (China and so forth, eastern). And then there's a purple curtain. Don't fear the bamboo curtain or the iron curtain; but be careful of that purple one. Better be careful. The antichrist shall be so close to deceive the very elected...
What is the elected? When that light shines upon that (S-o-n) s-u-n shines upon a seed that's governed by botany life, it'll come to life. And when the S-o-n of God shines upon that predestinated seed, it'll come to life that quick, just as soon... I don't care what state of life. It might be a prostitute, it might be a drunkard or a gambler. It'll shine at that minute, as soon as it strikes it. "Deceive the elected if it was possible."

Satan's tactics
 E-40    Now, notice. Satan tried to get in there to spy out, to see what--how he could get a hold of that human race, and he took one of the most famous tactics that... Well, it showed that he had to be a supernatural power to think of it. And he used this the first time and was successful, and he's done it ever since, and still successful to a certain estate. He used reasoning against faith.
Satan come to Eve and begin to reason against the Word of God, the great Armor that God had fortified His people with. He begin to use reasoning. Now, "It's only reasonable that God would not destroy you. Surely you will not die." But remember, friends, that's Satan's tactic to begin with, and he still uses the same thing, and still successful with it: a reasoning.

 E-41    They try to reason: "Why would we need the Holy Ghost today? Why would we need Divine healing? Why would we need this, and how would we need another Pentecost? We're all civilized." They were too.
But you see, if whatever it taken to begin with, and whatever God give them to begin with, that's what it ever remains. And tactics of reasoning is what Satan used, and that's what he ever uses: reasoning.
We know our enemy, because any enemy... (Now, Brethren, I have let away from doctrine, you see, around here, but I've got to say this.) Any enemy that reasons against... Or any person, any church, any organization, any individual that reasons against one punctuation of God's Word is your enemy. It takes the Word to defeat the enemy.

It Is Written
 E-42    When Jesus of Nazareth was here on earth He never used His power; yet He was God manifested in flesh. He never used His power when Satan come against Him. He said, "It's written." What did... He had to do that, because Eve broke down on that. And what Eve lost, Christ regained. Where Eve let down, Christ fortified again. "It is written: man shall not live by bread alone. It is written, thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God." It is written, it is written. What is it? He stayed with the original artillery. But Eve let down. She begin to listening to reason.
And there's people today who can almost reason you right down and prove to you that the thing is wrong. Satan was very successful with Eve. What does reasoning do? It makes it appealing. "Well, now, if I want to be religious..."

Man wants to be saved
 E-43    Please don't get me wrong now. A man comes to a place he wants to be--wants religion. He wants to be saved; he doesn't want to go to hell. No human being wants to go to that place. It wasn't made for the human being; it was made for the devil and his angels; wasn't made for human beings.
Now. But the human being sends hisself in there. God throws every red light He can across it, and the people fights right on beyond it. You have...
Before you can come--become an unbeliever, you have to bypass faith in God's Word first before you can become an unbeliever. You have to run the red light of God.

Sin is appealing
 E-44    Notice, these people, how that Satan made it so appealing. And sin is appealing. I know I haven't got too long on this text, but I'd like just to take my time for a few minutes. Let's stop on that just for a moment. We could be here in the morning on the same subject, but let's just watch.
Sin in the last days, Peter tells us, that he will go about like a roaring lion. It's getting worse. Now, I want to ask you something. I'm not condemning; I'm just making a statement. Some of you older men, or let's take any of us, and go back to a picture of some woman fifty or sixty years ago that was a beauty queen in her day. Pearl White, Scott Jackson... She was supposed to be America's most beautiful woman. If you'd see her picture hanging on a wall, you'd think it was an antique. What is it? It's women have become more beautiful. Satan is dressing them in that way, fixing them in that way. See, that becomes that way because it's become more appealing. It's a...

Males are prettier than females in every specie except..........
 E-45    I--I'd better bypass that, 'cause I promised I wasn't going to get into them things again. See? But how it is, that was his first tool. He's bringing it right back again in the last days. Sisters, don't get mixed up in that stuff. Stay away from it.
Did you notice, in every sex that there is, the male is always the prettiest. Which is the prettiest, to say the--in the bird family? Look at the--the little... Someone said, "pheasant." That's all right. Let's look at the big cock pheasant, how pretty he is, and look at little speckled hen. Let's take a look at the deer: the doe, a plain little homely-looking thing, and the buck, a great big beautiful species.

E-46    Look at the bull and the cow. Look at the elk, the male and female. Look at anything that you want to look at, and you'll always find that the male is the prettiest, besides the human race. And the male is ugly, and the female is pretty. That's right. If you see a male that's a little pretty thing, you just remember; there's a misplaced cell somewhere.
Now, that ought to make all of us ugly ones feel good. But it is. When you see a man looking and acting like a woman, there's a tiny bit of perversion there somewhere. And you see a woman trying to act and look like a man, it's perverted there again. It was both male at the first time, and God separated them. He put the masculine spirit in the man, and took the feminish spirit, and put it in the woman. And when you see a man trying to be feminish, or--or a woman trying to be masculine, there's something wrong somewhere.

The god of today
 E-47    Notice. So that they would be one, both soul and body, He took a rib from his side, and made a woman. See? A woman is not in the original creation; she's a byproduct of the man. See? Today in America she's boss, god, and everything else. She'll twist down the street and send more souls to hell than all the bootleg joints you could place between here and Los Angeles. That's right.
But yet a good woman is the best thing that God could give a man, because it's part of him. But of this Hollywood down here, and such hellholes as that has corrupted the nation and the life of the nation, and broke the backbone through the immorals of womanhood and motherhood, through divorce courts and everything else. (I--I'll get off my text. I'll come back again sometime.)

Having the form but not the Holy Spirit
 E-48    It's appealing. Now, he makes it again... He makes it educational, intellectual. Did not the Holy Ghost tell us in II Timothy, 3rd chapter, that in the last days it would become an intellectual group in the church? "Heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, and despisers of those that are good?"
You say, "Them's communists."
Oh, no. Them's so-called Christians (See?), having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. And the power is the Word made manifest. Said, "The Gospel come to us not through word only, but through power and demonstrations of the Spirit." I'm speaking of the army of God now: fortified.

All that glitters...
 E-49    Makes it appealing, rich, glitter... Oh, everything's a glittering with Hollywood, the swag-hole of the earth. And used to be that we went to Paris to get model conditions for our women, and now Paris comes here to take them from us. I preached here some time ago on "The Invasion of the United States," and overthrow of the American government. You ought to heard it.
I had a little flapper setting on the platform, or a little twister, ever what you call it, and said, "Here she is." And that is right. Lowest of all the nations: more divorces in America than there is the rest of the world put together almost. Corrupt, dirty, filthy, and the last civilization, and we're on the west coast, where the east and the west will meet. That's right. Right in our own churches, right among our own people...

Stripping of the women......
 E-50    But Satan makes it appealing. Certainly. It's appealing. Sin's appealing. But the enemy keeps finding a better bait. He will strip her off a little more, and do this, and do that. And don't worry, he will never make her completely naked. She'd be horrible then. See, he knows just what to do. But Satan keeps bringing sin in. And that was the original sin. That's the way he's going out: with the same thing as the kingdom come in, the warfare.
Now, watch. But God doesn't have to do anything more to His, make it any more appealing. The only thing He has to do is just raise up a standard of His own Word against the enemy. When the--the Bible said, "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God raises a standard against it." What does He do? He makes the Word that He's already said more positive (whew!), and taking His same Word, and just making It more positive.


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