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Those who called themselves the seven voices thunders today

Posted: 14 January 2012


(Editor: 25th Jan 2023, I took down this page after I explained to Brother Nice, my use of the term, "got hold". I would have thought he took the trouble to explain to the said local pastor, but I was quite surprised that this was mentioned again from the pulpit, so I decided to put it back on. As Brother Nice had taken the trouble to return the loan amount in full, there was no need to exercebate the issue, but this page is not just about one person. More importantly, it was about the Arizona pastor who had passed away, and that Brother Ewald Frank preached the funeral service and emphasied the need for the congregation to know Christ personally, and not through somebody else be they ministers or no ministers, as we can see, many who claimed their calling, became the anointed ones at the end time. and if you have understood that message of the same title, you would know who the prophet was referring to, no need for me to repeat them here). The original post as below.

I have not updated my website as I was hospitalized for severe water retention due to some unknown conditions. I discovered I have hypothyroidism after doing a blood test from Quest, a private Laboratory which does tests on requests and payment of course.  The endocrinologist told me that was rare. You see,  I was treated for hyperthryroidism by him from 2004 to 2006. He thought I had taken some Chinese medicine or some unusual stufffs.  I stopped taking medicines for quite some time believing that God is my healer. From then till this episode I have not even taken a single panadol (equivalent to Tylenol for those in the US).

I was warded in TTSH for 11 days to clear my fluid. One kg plus down a day of my body weight. My weight was more than 90 kg. prior to admission. By the 11th day, I was down to 74 kg. Then I have to transfer to Mt Elizabeth for the Cardiologist to take over my case. He drastically reduced my weight to 69.9 kg before discharging me in less than 4 days. Today I weigh 68.7 kg.

Everyone who exalted themselves to be another messenger above the 7th ultimately died. Such as Federick Ordell who died in 2004, he sent a German man named John or John acted on his own. In Singapore, John convinced some particularly a convert from my contact. Ordell believed that he was that "kind old man" who dismissed the meeting in the prophesy that he was the one who came after Brother Branham and would lead the church into the Rapture. How heavy my heart was. This brother was even invited to visit him in the US and was "specially received" so he felt a super annointing, one of the select few. Today he speaks in Singpore with force and full of words, claimed he saw the pillar of fire. (Editor: In Dec 2014, I heard he was visiting the US again and that he felt he has a unique ministry).

He called me many times when I was in the hospital just to catch up, but I certainly was not ready to receive him so I did not answer. Bro S from Malacca was another but now has gone on to Coleman who is in a wheelchair.(22nd Jan 2012: I understand that Coleman died few days ago).

Be not deceived. God is not mocked. I predict this year another of those who called themselves the 7 voices will also die in like manner. You can imagine how sad I was after having so great fellowship with a Brother from Nigeria, even surrendering my 5 million commercial health insurance premium (15th May 2012 : The said brother wrote to me to clarify and indeed has my very email to him regarding this premium, which was S$1,800) to help his wife do business, that he believes he is one of those men (He also wrote that he did not exactly say  such words but that he believed  that there will be 7 men, so I asked whether that 7 include the said local pastor and he will answer soon). He stayed with me for more than 3 months in my Balestier apartment,  joined later by Udoka, before the local pastor from a self exalting group (my apologies: I must have worded this wrongly, as it is not the group, but the pastor that influence the group) who exalts himself above our prophet got hold of him. (By exalting above our prophet, I mean placing himself as a revealer of more mysteries... such as Ham having incest with the mother (off the word) and the Tree of Life being laws rather than Jesus Christ who is the Bread of Life and the prophet said - same thing).
(Editor : 24th Dec 2019 : Just to be correct, we met at about 11:35 am, at the West Mall, had a simple brunch. I received the owed amount returned in full and felt obliged to accept the sum of S$1,800).

  E-20           A very beautiful type of today: when the church is hungry, God wants His children fed with the Bread of Life, not with some theory, but with the Bread of Life. Who or what is this Bread of Life? Jesus said, "I am the Bread of Life that came from God out of heaven." Said, "Your father's eat manna in the wilderness," Hebrew--or John 6: they "eat manna in the wilderness and they're every one dead. But I am the Bread of Life that come from God out of heaven. If any man eats this Bread, he shall never die." Or in other words, "I'm the Tree of Life from the garden of Eden." And if they eat of the tree of death, they died. If they eat of the Tree of Life, they live.
The Holy Spirit guarded the Tree of Life until the Atonement was made, and now the Holy Spirit is running the people to the Tree of Life. Adam and Eve was trying to get to the Tree of Life. Now their children are trying to stay away from the Tree of Life. The Holy Spirit was guarding it; now--now It's bringing them to It, and they refuse to hear the Holy Spirit's voice, because the same adversary that caused them to sin in the beginning is keeping them away from the Tree of Life. And Jesus Christ is the Tree of Life.

  E-56           Now, notice. Jesus... There was two trees in the garden of Eden. One of them was Life, and one was death. One of them was the woman, the other one was the man. And life that come by the woman dies. But the life that come by the man lives. Jesus said, "I am the Bread of Life that come from God out of heaven." The Angels... The Seraphims guarded the Tree of Life, which was the Bread of Life that come from God out of heaven.
And notice that they wouldn't take it without an atonement. And the atonement had to be made, and then they could take the Bread of Life. There was that perfect tree, bore perfect fruit. David saw it in the Psalms and said, "It's like a tree standing by the rivers of water." Sure. The rivers, many of them of one water; many gifts, the same Spirit. And He bore every fruit perfectly. And then, the Romans cut Him down, hung Him on a man-made tree.
But when He come back, He ordained on the day of Pentecost... What did He ordain? A Bride Tree with the Spirit of Himself in that Tree to bear the same fruit. It come up for the first three hundred years, doing fine.

editor's note:  See Job 14:1,2 for the scriptural reference as to why the woman was the Tree of Death (he did not say Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, but the Tree of Death). She cannot bring forth Life (Eternal Life),

This young Nigerian minister was even secretary of the UPC church in Lagos and has a wonderful ministry. He has a triumphant testimony, God healing him of an unusual disease and has the gift of winning souls with signs following. I believe God will spare him. He believed this local pastor because he had a vision where Brother Branham was drawing water from one side of the stream and this local pastor in like manner was drawing water from the opposite side of the stream. When he first told me the vision, I thought it was strange but after praying I realised he was of the opposite side. (15th May 2012 : This brother said I got the dream wrong as it was like this:-

I saw a
clean flowing river, so clean and transparent it was.  I was thirsty and willing to drink from it, but was looking for something with which I could draw the water.  As I approached this river, with thoughts flooding my mind, I heard a voice calling and when I turned to look, it was the figure of Bro. XXX XXXX; he had a cup that he has been drawing the water with.  He bent down and drew from the flowing river and offered the cup to me, but I delayed in taking it from him as I was troubled within me concerning what other believers would think and say.  He immediately said to me, “Look behind you” and again I saw the prophet in the very figure I saw him in 2004, and he also draw from the same river; and Bro. XXX said, “That is my SOURCE”.  I woke up trembling.


Lastly I heard from two brothers that one of the local message churches had played a Paul Cain tape instead of the prophet in the Sunday church service. Talking to the previous song leader who left one year ago, he said Paul Cain was in Singapore. What a twist of silliness. Paul Cain himself had confessed to be a gay and an alchoholic, "two weaknesses he was trying to overcome" but in reality we knew from his visit to  the Bukit Timah Campus ground that he claimed he remained single because of his birth, his mother and the angel who the policeman can't see and make a joke when the policeman asked where was the man sitting next to him. What a lie! Brother David Dominique from Malacca visited me yesterday, being the 2nd day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. He confirmed the year to be 1985 as he rode in his motorcycle down from Malacca specially to attend the meetings. See Brother David's picture in the "visiting ministers" photo section of this webpage. He is pastoring his own church now. Yes, 1985! How many of the U. S. folks were fooled by these men?

Yes, he (PC) said Brother Branham was the greatest prophet of the age but that does not mean he can imitate the Messiah sign. If you care to search the message data base, look for a man from Canada who rode in a small horse trying to knock Brother Branham off his larger horse. That night in IE (Institute of Education, or the Bukit Timah Campus lecture room, Bro Dave was collecting the money for both visiting brothers, no small amount. I put in one dollar and was stared at. It was for entertainment I mused. That night's collection or the duration of 3 nights, were almost 6,000 dollars from a mere handful of believers. The collected money went to PG who even joked that he would not share with Paul as he had been naughty. I quickly looked at Paul's face and saw his countenance really changed. I believed he knew what PG was capable of, take all the money for himself.

Brother Branham knew that one of those ministers so called was gay but (frankly I can't say it was about Paul Cain and not another minister). Paul Cain was exposed in 2004 by Rick Joyner, his co worker in the apostolic movement. Since then, he claimed that he has subjected himself to corrective action. This was all recorded in wikipedia about three years ago. Then I could follow the links to his confession letter. Today, that link or all links are gone. This shows some power behind him helping him to keep up the pretense. For him to receive the OBE of the knights of Malta, and arranged for Saddam Hussein to meet the pope means he had knelt before the pope.

Here is today's link to wikipedia, Paul Cain.

In 2005, Cain stepped down from ministry. In "A Letter of Confession" posted on his website[1] and excerpted in Charisma Magazine,[2] Cain admitted, "I have struggled in two particular areas, homosexuality and alcoholism, for an extended period of time," both considered serious sin by Christian Scripture as interpreted by a few of the Christian communions and denominations.[3] In April 2007, he re-emerged into the public eye and resumed speaking at meetings throughout the U.S and abroad, though his rehabilitation was questioned by the three ministers (Rick Joyner, Jack Deere, and Mike Bickle) who had long-held, close ministerial relationships with Cain and had publicly disciplined him three years earlier, stating that they lacked confidence in his rehabilitation and do not consider him restored.[4] The initial rehabilitation team made an open declaration in October 2004: After the initial restoration team admitted that they had "failed," they expressed the hope that another team would be able to help Paul Cain through a restoration process.[5] In the wake of this, David Andrade of RTV International ministries formed a new team. This began in 2005; by September 2007 Andrade was able to claim:

"After careful evaluation and in consideration pertaining to his continual progress in all areas of spiritual and personal life; the administrating staff and Board of Life Recovery Centers of America with the Board of RTV International Ministries and the restoration team, unanimously affirm that there is no further need to continue the restoration process; And furthermore, release Paul W. Cain from restrictive oversight and restricted ministry. Paul William Cain is hereby free to pursue ministry and released to make personal decisions."[6]

Some of those providing collaboration during the restoration and emergence process include, Steve Dittmar, John Sanford, Cal Pierce, Rick Taylor, Kari Browning, Jerry Bowers, David and Donna Diaz, Randy Demain, David Andrade & Olivia Cook TP

Today at 8:30 pm, the local pastor called me, something which is rather unusual for I stayed at Bayshore for 4 years and never meet him even once. Bro Eddie Goh moved to Bayshore and said he saw him once. He is elusive, Once I got his mobile number and gave it to Cyril Mahedo who called him, but later he quickly changed his phone. CM tried a few more times to call but no avail.
So imagine my surprise. And what did he say? He said he has been given "powr of attorney" to bring the website down because it has a bunch of lies. He was careful not to refer to my website and said wikipedia. Now who in their sane mind can give a Singaporean pastor "power of attorney" to bring wikipedia down, so I read between the lines and of course it is my website. Without prejudice, I meant them no harm but the incident took place many years ago before the group broke up. It was either in IE (Institute of Education) or another auditorium, that the visit took place. So now we have brothers bringing each other to court. I forgive them right now as my very confession of my faith to clear things up so that believers may be prudent in exalthing any man today.

Here are the series of small text messages or sms sent by the local pastor to me after hearing of my posting. Time stamped and dated:-

8:31 pm Jan 19

I will Bring an INDICTMENT against  U.S. WEBSITE IN S U.S. court. Reason : False accusations against Paul Cain

I have power of attorney from paul cain to SUE the U.S. WEBSITE

Paul cain has medical proof that he is NOT a Gay.

(capitals and small letters as they appear in the sms). He also warn me to be careful!

12:50 pm Jan 20 (without prejudice)

Paul cain has medical proof certified by FBI that he is not a gay. Serious offence to put wrong data in websites. Can be prosecuted in Court.

(You wise ones out there.  Am I being led into a trap seeing that the people here are above normal intelligence, more from the Tree of knowledge because of the threat "to sue" a brother? Now what has FBI got to do with Paul Cain?)



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