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The men at Windsor, Canada II

Posted: 24 August 2015


  In continuation of the men at Windsor.


« E-142 † I know a man tonight setting paralyzed, been that way for several years. When I was up there at Zion City, when that man setting back there, trying to hypnotize me before those people... And I just kept trying to run a prayer line, and he kept setting there. He'd go to the army camps, you know. He'd--he'd make the boys, hypnotize them, make them bark like dogs, you know, and act like that. I kept feeling that funny spirit. And they'd--they'd had him come in there, a familiar church.

The night before there there'd been a--a man come which belonged to a certain denomination. He come up there, and he'd wrote on his prayer card, "I have TB, so-and-so," and all like that. He thought it was a telepathy. So they handed the prayer card to the usher as he come up on the platform. The man come up there and I said, "There's nothing wrong with you."

He said, "Oh, yes, there is; look on my prayer card."

I said, "I don't care what the prayer card says. There's nothing wrong with you."

He said, "Well, look, I've got TB, and so-and-so," like that. "Look on that prayer card."

I said, "I don't look on that prayer card. I look towards heaven." See?

« E-143 † And he said, "Well, that's what's the matter with me."

I said, "Well, maybe... You might've had it down there. If you have, you haven't got it now, because you--it just isn't there." And he said... I said, "You might've got healed down there."

He said, "Uh, huh. That's what you think. I got healed down there."

I thought, "What's the matter with this man?" I turned and looked again. There was a vision broke before him. I said, "You deceiver. You belong to a certain church. Last night you set with that man right up there with a red suit on--with a red tie and black suit. And that's his wife setting right over on this corner, and your wife. And you set by a table that had a green cloth around it, and you made up that you was coming here to do that to prove that this was a mental telepathy." I said, "The things that you got on your card is upon you." He died about six weeks after that. Don't you never do that.

« E-144 † This man, a few weeks after that--a few nights after that, was setting there trying to hypnotize me, like that. And I kept feeling that odd spirit. I said, "Please, everybody keep your head down; be reverent." You've heard me say that many times. I'm watching a spirit. You see? And then he kept doing that, and doing that, and directly he turned around like that. I said, "Why has the devil put in your heart to do this?" I said, "You walked in, but they'll pack you out." And they did. That's exactly right.

He's still paralyzed. That's right. He just got up. He was stiff; he couldn't hardly move. And he's wrote letter after letter, calling, "Come." I can't do a thing about it. That's his own sin. He has to make that right with God. There ain't a thing... I wouldn't put my hand on it for nothing. See?


E-3 Some time ago I was talking to a man. I was at Toronto, Canada. We was having a great meeting there. The Lord was blessing in such a marvelous way. And I was across in... It wasn't in Toronto, now. I--I take that back. I forget the name of the place in Canada we were having the meeting, and--and... I'll pick it up in a few minutes. I've traveled so much till I can't think of the names of the place sometimes. And it's right across from Detroit. What's the name? [Someone says, "Windsor."--Ed.] Windsor, correctly, Windsor, Ontario.

And there was a... had a television set setting on the street, some kind of a screen-type, and there was a cowboy there playing, strumming on a guitar, over, broadcasting from the United States. And the man come out, and was talking to me.

Said, "I'd like to sell you that."

Said, "No, sir. Was just passing by." Said, "I don't believe I want it."

And he said, "Well, I'll make it to you real cheap."

I thought... I explained it to him. I said, "I'm a--a tourist." I said, "I'm..."

"Oh," said, "you're just passing through, I suppose?"

I said, "No, I'm down here in a motel." I said, "I'm just here for a few days."

He said, "You're not with that meeting over there?"

I said, "Yes, sir. That's right."

He said, "I don't want to hurt your feelings," but said, "you're listening to a quack."

And I said, "Oh?" And...?... I said, "you think so?"

He said, "Yes, sir," he said, "I do."

And I said, "Well, why would you draw an opinion of that?"

He said, "Well, because the man's talking about something that he doesn't know nothing about."

And I said, "What do you mean?"

(Editor : See, this quote was here the last time I posted this years ago and it seems as if there is no relationship with the topic in hand, about the evil plot....but I read it again and you can see for yourself, and I have boldface the text where first he thought it was in Toronto, and then he corrected so that whatever he said is true and correct. That is how he watched over his own words, of what he said and how he said it. Under the anointing, he will speak and every word uttered will be watched over by the Holy Spirit). See, only God knows how evil men will come later and try to make those tapes say something to discredit the ministry. Have you ever wondered why they are prepared to falsify these sermons? Isn't it in the same unbelieving spirit as the man who wrote his own death warrant?)


203 Many of you remember up there that night when that man come out on the platform. He thought that there was a mental telepathy of reading the prayer cards, and how he thought he had it right then. Brother, he--he was sure he had it. And he come around. He belonged to a church that don't believe in--in--in these, in the Gospel, the full Gospel. And he come up on the platform. I was tired. They was fixing to take me away.

204 That was at Windsor, Ontario. In there, come right across from--from United States there, right across from Detroit, at Windsor, the big auditorium.

205 And this man come up there with a gray suit on, and a red tie, intelligent-looking man, smart as a tack. He come to the platform. And I... He walked up. And I said, "Well, just let me have your hand." I said, "I'm tired; I've seen so many visions. Just let me have your hand." And--and I never noticed the man. And he put his hand over on mine. And I said, "Sir, there is nothing wrong with you. Go ahead."

He said, "Oh, there is, too."

206 And I said, "Well, let me see there." I said, "No, sir, there is not one sign. No, sir, you're a healthy man."

He said, "Go look at my prayer card!"

207 I said, "I don't care what you put on your prayer card." I said, "I don't have nothing to do with the prayer card," not thinking, you see. I was tired and wore out. And my... But the grace of God, you see, was still there, remember.

208 If He sends you, it's His obligation to take care of you. It ain't mine; it's Him. He sent It. I'm just supposed to stand on what's true.

209 When Moses throwed his stick down, it turned into a serpent, and the magicians done the same thing, what could Moses do but stand there and wait for the grace of God? That's all. Same thing. He followed out the commandments. And you know what happened, don't you? See?

210 This man said, "Now," he said, "there is. Look at my prayer card."

211 I said, "Well, you might have had a lot of faith, and might have done it," not thinking, you see. I done... not even paying attention.

212 Then he unbuttons his coat and pushed out his chest. He said, "There you are!" to the audience.

And I thought, "What's going on here?"

213 He looked around. He said, "There you are!" Said, "See the gimmick?" That's your Judas, a religious man, a preacher of a great denomination. Said, "There you are! I had 'so much faith.' Now, he's got so weak, he can't read the telepathy. See, it don't come to him no more." And there he said, "It's not my faith was so great." Said, "I put that on the prayer card, and now he can't catch it, you see." Said, "That's the gimmick!"

214 I thought, "What's going on?" Then the grace of God came down.

215 I said, "Sir, why has the devil put in your heart to try to deceive God?" A modern Judas! I said, "You're a church of Christ..." Excuse me. Well, I done said it. "You're a church of Christ preacher. You belong to the church of Christ, from over in United States. And that man setting up there with that blue suit on, and your wife and his wife setting there, you set at a table last night that had a green thing over it, a--a spread like this, and you made up that this was 'telepathy,' and you were coming tonight."

216 That man raised up. He said, "That's the honest truth. God, have mercy on me!"

217 I said, "Sir, you put 'TB and cancer' on that card, and now you have it. It's yours now."

And he grabbed me by the pants leg, he said, "I didn't..."

218 I said, "I can't help. You go right ahead. That's up between you and God. You wrote your doom right on your card." And that got him. That was all of it.

Editor : My Template - use these remarks to check the chronological order of these quotes.

Now I have posted most of the known quotes in chronological order. You will notice that sometime or the night before the meeting, according to the Vision, there were 3 men, one wearing a Red suit, another wearing a blue suit and yet another wearing a black/grey suit but at least two of these men wore Red Ties.

In addition, there were two women, one blond hair probably the wife of the minister who devised the plot sealing his own doom.

One woman wore a dress, green polka dot and there was a large green scarf on the table, large enough to cover the table, described by the prophet in the vision. Remember, this event was revealed by the Holy Spirit to Brother Branham. That revelation also called out one of the other three men in the audience that day, and this man ran forward from where he was seated to ask for forgiveness and was probably the one who was paralysed


............You're a certain denominational church." Called who he was, and I said,"Last night you set with your wife, and that man there with the red tie on, set with you at a table with a green thing pulled over the table." And I said, "Now, what you put on your prayer card, you have." And this man run down there, so I...

Said, "God be merciful, Brother Branham, that is the truth." They took him out paralyzed, and he's still paralyzed.

(Editor: See, this man run down there.....and you will find this same statement about this man running down from the audience, realising what they had done because the Vision called him out from the audience, even identifying both the wives not seated together with him. Now I put this to you if you are still the skeptic....did this second man wrote the diseases in the prayer card? No, he did not. Did this man consented to the plot thereby giving his hand in this matter? Yes he did. Was he the one paralysed and did not die because he did not have cancer or TB or did he? ). He was paralysed like in another meeting where a hypnotist wanted to make Brother Branham barked like a dog, as he had previously done with some soldiers. But again the Holy Spirit called him out and he was paralysed because the prophet pronounced that he will be packed out. You think this pronouncement by the prophet was his own saying? Or was it the Holy Ghost. Do you remember, the same thing happening in Elisha, when one of the chief lord set by his king to oversees the ration of the people under siege. Do you know the story? Read the bible on Elisha).

Believe the Sign claimed Brother Branham was not accurate in describing the dress...once saying green dress and another saying a dotted dress.  Well it was a dotted green dress. What we would call today, a polka green dress but in case the critics want to argue, Brother Branham did not use the word polka as far as I know.

For example, if I tell you that I ate an orange coloured fruit two days ago, and you would think it was an American Orange, but in reality it was from South Africa. Or it may be a Chinese mandarin type of orange, and not a western orange. You know, a smaller Chinese mandarin orange is called a kamquat? So if i tell you orange instead of kanquat, would you say I lied?

Hmm...mm I wonder what happened to the third man? He was probably not in the meeting. Maybe his suit being Red was actually some sort of uniform which he had to wear? How would you describe a suit that is almost black but still look grey? What about this example in the picture on the right? Is it black or is it grey? Mr Critic would tell you he prefer to say Brown.
If you follow the chronology of things, Brother Branham said the folks wrote to him to pray for the man who was cursed and of course the Word prophet cannot do anything to reverse the curse unless he has the Thus Saith the Lord, but he already said the man sealed his own doom. In the message year 54-0902, which is more than 4 years after the event, he said, "Far as I know, the man's in eternity today, dead". Now is this statement made in 1954 accurate? of course it is. And in 1956, he said he received a letter and that would be what it meant. When was the letter written? When was it sent? And when did Brother Branham received it are different timed events about the letters. Why would the critics insist that when he received the letter, that it was only recently sent? Did not an earlier quote said the folks wrote to him? When do you think the folks wrote the letter? You think they wait two years to write it, death stalking that man who died clearly within six weeks.

Let's follow the sequence ....The year 56-0407, "And THAT man said, :That's the God Almighty truth. That's right/ That's right."
And the man grabbed me by the pant's leg, he said, "Pray for me, Brother Branham."
I said, "That's between you and God NOW. Its' OUT OF MY HANDS. HE'S DONE SPOKE IT (WHO SPOKE? WHO "HE'S" , not the first man, nor the second man, but the He refers to the Lord and Master of the prophet...God). DONE spoke it. Cannot be reversed unless He by His immutability say so.

"Thats' you now. "And the man's laying bedfast to this day. Which man? Are you saying it was the first man? When he said the second man was the one who said, "That's the God Almighty truth"! This man ran down from where he was seated and grabbed his trousers leg too.

See, Mr Bergen, you lifted these from some other website and try to frame a false story on how the events transpire and make it looked like the prophet was wishy washy. Will you eat that humble pie again?


.............And that man raised up; he said, "Reverend Branham, that's the truth. I was with him last night and that's the truth.".....

The two women who were present in the meeting prior to the day of execution of the plot, were also present in the meeting. They were not seated together with the second man in the blue suit and red tie. You think when they were identified, that it was Brother Branham who guessed them out, even though they were not seated with the second man? One of the women was the wife of the hoaxer minister. The other was his wife of this second man. Sadly, the hoaxer's wife did not stop her husband and lost him eventually.

If I pronounced the false prophet who claimed he had the power of God to answer prayers to die within a week, and he died within 3 days, did I lie? See, the prophet became more aware of the man's death within six weeks....when earlier he said six months..Did he lie? Of course, all these statements are true. Was the man in eternity in 1954 if he died within six weeks??

See how God like to confound the foolish who think they are wise. If you go looking for faults, you will get plenty....and there are still many more such fabricated lies by lifting quotes and stringing them to present a false picture. Even angels walked with hobnail shoes where these people thread.

See how the picture becomes clearer and clearer and confirmed that the prophet did not concern himself with the progress of these men whom God had cursed. Yea, the people want to argue whether every word the prophet said is Thus saith the Lord rather than be certain of their own salvation and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. These blind guides, they strained at a gnat and swallowed a camel (Mat 23:24). When Jonah was telling the seamen to throw him into the sea, those words he spoke, were they "thus saith the Lord"? See strained at a gnat and swallowed a camel.

What is the prophet's message? Is it not to repent and be baptized in Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit so that we fulfil Romans 8:11.

Rom 8:10-11
(10)  And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness.
(11)  But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

Col 1:27
(27)  To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

1Co 12:13
(13)  For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.

You know, before the true seed is formed, there is the husk (or shuck-American English) covering it. Not until it is pulled or peeled away, can that true seed be revealed. Who are the husks and who is the seed? The seed carries the LIFE. The husks are so flimsy and light, they are blown away easily by the winds...winds of false doctrine. The seed on the other hand, are anchored in the Life of Christ....the Holy Spirit, the Fountain of Living Water. Do not take such matters lightly. A seed carries LIFE in itself. It is not I who say this but the Lord.

May the Lord bless you for believing His Word. Cast away foolish fancies and walked with God into His Glory. Take the Name of Jesus with you as a shield from every snare, humble yourselves and falling prostrate at His feet, crown Him King of kings and Lord of lords. Even so, Lord Jesus come,



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