Ecc 9:11   I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.


    ECC 9:11

The men at Windsor, Canada

Posted: 23 August 2015


There is a youtube video from Believe the Sign talking about an unbeliever trying to show that the discernments on the prayer lines of Brother Branham was a hoax, that these ministers of a certain denomination would like to expose. So one of them wrote some diseases on his prayer card as part of the exposé plan. Imagine this, those men thought Brother Branham could read the mind of the usher or assistant who was calling the prayer line with numbered prayer cards, and that the assistant would mentally read those disease/diseases, that he could transmit via "mental telepathy" to Brother Branham.

A minister who rather believed that Brother Branham could hear the unspoken words  by mental telepathy. in other words, he thought Brother Branham was a mind reader! Can Satan read people's mind? Did not Satan asked the Lord whether He was the Son of God? Rather than believe it was the Holy Spirit that was telling the secrets of people's hearts, these men risked their own fate to challenge the Holy Spirit, knowing too well that John in his epistle told us not even to pray for that sin unto death (1 john 5:16, Mathew 12:31-32). How hardened and blackened his heart was! So he structured his game plan and was so sure that he was right that he wrote some of the most dreadful diseases on his own card, such as T.B and cancer:-

Now hear for yourself in those sermons where I am posting part 1 in chronology order, and I am not sure I got all the sequences. it must be in chronological order if new ones are found. I have also summarised these quotes with the contained information, a sort of template for those believers reading this to track these quotes. As an example, the opening quote (50-0110) said "had fourteen thousand at that meeting",  and in the (53-0508) quote, he said "We had eighty-hundred, the first night in the meeting". Now these skeptics would like us to think Brother Branham lied about the numbers of people in the meeting, but if you read the two statements, you will notice the two statements are not speaking of the same subjects. One subject was about the meeting (fourteen thousand), whether for all the nights or not I cannot tell but the other statement is only about the first night, which I highlighted in RED. So in the first night, there were eighty-five hundred (not thousand)! See how one must be precise and just in trying to ascertain the events taking place. This message is for believers only. The unbelievers or critics will look for faults and the prophet said, if you go there looking for faults, God will give you plenty, and this example prove how correct His Word is. His Word will not return to Him void. So lets start:-


E-41 And from that, it started one after the other, and it never has ceased yet. That's right. That's true, friends. It will come to pass, if they won't hear the first, they will hear the second.

Then a few nights after that, I was over at Windsor, Ontario. Had fourteen thousand at that meeting there.

There was a man in the meeting who thought that that was just a bunch of make-up. He went and got a prayer card in one of the lines, pretending that he was sick and in need. And he went and wrote on the prayer card he had all kinds of diseases and so forth like that. And he come around and give it into the--the man, the prayer line manager. I never see the cards. They take the cards down there. He thought, "I'll just see what this is all about."

Then when he come in and put that on a prayer card down, he come walking up. I said, "Good evening, sir."

He said, "Howdy do."

And I took a hold of his hand. There was no vibrations. I looked at him; I seen him and two men, standing in a room across a table making that up.

I said, "Why would you purpose in your heart to try to deceive somebody?" I said, "God is apt to strike you dead right now."


E-42 And he fell down on the floor and begin to screaming to the top of his voice. He said, "God, have mercy on me."

I said, "Why would you do that, friend?"

He said, "Brother Branham, I--I thought it was just make-up. I--I--I honestly, is there forgiveness for me?"


(Editor: Now this quote was taken from the Table 2005. If you check the Table Search 2010, you will find it to be "there he was". In Mr Bergen, Believe the Sign video, he typed as "there was", so Mr Bergen lied). You think a prophet of God would dare pray for the sin unto death? Ascribing what the Holy Ghost is doing to the devil instead...From revealing the thoughts and intents of the hearts, Heb 4:12 to call the Word of God, "mental telepathy". I wonder Mr Bergen would eat his humble pie again and apologise).


E-43 Here a few nights ago saw a woman. People, when they come to the platform, ugly, vulgar things that they've done down in their life.

Now, remember friends, those things are told publicly right here before this audience; what you've done in your life, is told right here. So if there's anything upon your heart, and you do not wish to be known, stay out of the prayer line if you don't want it to be known. Unless that you come with a perfect faith, or ask--ask God to forgive you and put it under Blood, in the sea of forgetfulness, and whatever it is. Because I will not be responsible for what is said... what been brought out. Because if it's in your life, it's coming out.


E-67 Here not long ago, there was an impostor slipped in the line, goes to a great church. We was at Windsor, Ontario. We had eighty-five hundred the first night in the meeting. Long about end of the meeting, there was a man come to the platform, fine looking fellow, dressed in a gray suit and a red tie. He come up there. I was so weak; them visions just weaken me. He come up, he said, "I want to be healed, Rev. Branham." And I just took a hold of his hand to see if it... what was. I said, "You haven't any disease, brother."

And he said, "Oh, yes, I have." He thought it was mental telepathy. He said, "Ask that usher down there, got my prayer card. Look on it."

I said, "I don't care what you put on the prayer card, you... There's nothing wrong with you. You're not a sick man."

He said, "I am a sick man."

I said, "You--you're not." I said, "You might've been, sir, but maybe you had faith out there and was healed."

He turned around, struck his hands in his pocket, and said, "So that's the way it is, is it? Uh-huh!" Facing the audience, said, "I knowed that..."

E-68 And I thought, "Lord, what's going on?" Just then I looked at him, I seen a vision break. I seen him setting at a table with a green scarf hanging over it, with a man with a--with a blue suit on setting across the table. And I said, "You belong to a certain denomination," which I won't expose it tonight, which speak where the Bible speaks and silent where It's silent. Said, "You belong to that church, and you're a minister of that church."

He said, "No."

I said, "Don't you lie before God." I said, "You set at a table last night, where a woman was--was--was dressed with a green dress on, and she had a scarf on the table, which was green. A man with a red suit on set across the table. And you said, 'You was coming down to write on there that you had TB, and everything for it was a mental telepathy.'"

E-69 And a man up in the audience screamed out, said, "That's the truth, preacher. I was the one was with him." And here he come, that man fell and grabbed me by the trouser leg like that.

I said, "The disease that you put on that prayer card will be on you the rest of your life." And it is.


E-12 Many... It was right down here perhaps that night at Windsor, Ontario, I believe it was. Well, that minister come to the platform under another name, act like he was sick, come up there and had something... He thought it was mental telepathy, that some of the ushers, or someone picked up the prayer cards and read it to me, mental telepathy, like you'd read sins and everything that they'd done, and where they'd been and everything from a prayer card. And then those things just foretold years and weeks and months...

And I... anywhere you want to... You know my address. There's never been one time that It's ever failed to be perfect, just the way it says. 'Cause It can't be nothing else; it's just God. See? Not your brother, I'm a long ways from being perfect. But He is perfect. That's right. He is perfect; I'm not.

E-13 And the man standing on the platform a saying, like that, said, "I am... come up," nice looking fellow. I was so weak I just caught his hand first to see; I said, "Well, you don't have any diseases."

Said, "Oh, yes I do."

I said, "Well, I don't, sure don't believe you have, sir."

He said, "Oh, yes, I have."

And I said, "Well, you might've had, but you don't have now."

He said, "Oh, look on my prayer card down there. I've got TB, cancer." And oh, I forget what all it was.

I said, "Well, you--you might've had it, but you don't have it now." I said, "Maybe your faith just rose up to a place that you were healed in the audience."

So he turned around and stuck his hands in his pockets, said, "That's it, is it?"

E-14 I thought, "What's going on?" And just real weak, they was fixing to take me from the platform. I thought, "Well, what's this?" And I looked around. And after while, then it broke to a vision. And I seen him setting at a table with another man. And they were setting. And a woman was standing there with a dotted dress on. And there was a green thing hanging over the table, like this. And they had made up together that it was mental telepathy, and they was going to prove it from the platform. And that was revealed and told him who he was and what church he belonged to.

E-15 Brother, I said, "Now, the things that you put on the plat--on your prayer card, is on you. You have it now." That was right. He fell down, grabbed a hold of my pants leg. I said, "Sir, that's between you and God, not me." I said, "That's between you and God."

Far as I know, the man's in eternity today, dead. See? Now, you can't play church. You're not dealing with some little petty something; you're talking to Almighty God, so you got to be reverent and sincere. If I should stand here for the--till this time tomorrow afternoon, ex... reciting, pledge, instance, like that, it would never like cover it. Why, it could be an encyclopedia of books wrote on what I have seen the Lord Jesus do. No wonder He said, "The things that I do shall you, and greater," more of it shall you do.


E-66 You remember that night at that--over there in Toronto, Canada, when that minister come to the platform, and he thought it was a mental telepathy. So he said, "What it is, if the person writes what they got on the prayer card," now imagine, writing their sin on...?... All right. Said, "Then he transfers it to... The usher picks up the prayer card, holds the prayer card, and meditates, and transfers it to them." And he come in the prayer card--in there with a whole lot of stuff on his prayer card, he had, TB, and a lot of things.

He come up there; I said, "There's nothing wrong with you."

He said, "Oh, look. Look at my prayer card."

I said, "It's nothing to do with it. You're here trying to find out something. You think it's telepathy. Now, the disease that you put on that prayer card, is on your body." That's right. And when he did, I got a letter here about two years ago from him. He said, "Oh, Brother Branham, come to me."

I said, "You see that man setting up there in the balcony with the red tie on, blue suit? You and him set together last night a table, had a green cover over it. And a woman set over in the corner. And you said that you'd come prove that it was mental telepathy."

And that man said, "That's the God Almighty truth. That's right. That's right."

And the man grabbed me by the pant's leg, he said, "Pray for me, Brother Branham."

I said, "That's between you and God now. It's out of my hands. He's done spoke it. That's you now." And the man's laying bedfast to this day.

How about up here in New York, when that guy stood there trying to hypnotize me, make me bark like a dog? They had been around there hypnotism. And the Holy Spirit looked around and said, "You son of the devil," said, "cursed be you." And he's paralyzed. That's right. Find out sometime. You see?

How many remembers reading the book, that maniac that come to the platform that night? Ask the police force up there, see what happened. See? It's God, friends. Wake up. Believe.


E-88 Here some time ago when that minister... You was over here at a place just across the river from--in Windsor, Ontario. Was there anybody here was in the Windsor meeting that night when that man come to the platform and? See? I don't think there is as I see.

A man come to the platform, and he--he had a prayer card. And he give it to the ushers. He come up. He come up on the platform. Looked at him, I said, "Sir, there's nothing wrong with you physically."

"Oh, yes, there is," he said. "Yes, there is." Said, "Look on my prayer card."

I said, "I don't know what's on your prayer card, know what you put on that. But there's nothing wrong with you."

"Oh, I got TB, and I got cancer, and all--all he had..."

I said, "I couldn't tell you that, sir." I said, "You haven't got it now. You might have had it down there."

E-89 So he turned around and said, "That's it." And just at that time the Lord showed a vision.

I said, "Why would the devil put in your heart to do something like that?" I said, "You're a certain kind of a preacher." And I said, "Last night you set with your wife and a man that's in this building tonight with a red tie on and a blue suit, and he's setting right there in the audience. And you set by a little room with a green thing hanging over a table, and you said it was mental telepathy. And you'd write on the prayer card, and the usher would pick up the prayer card and transfer it to me mental telepathy, not thinking of--of the hundreds out there that's called without prayer cards. And the things that's predicted that'll happen weeks and months and years later and never fail." I said--and I said, "There..."

And that man raised up; he said, "Reverend Branham, that's the truth. I was with him last night and that's the truth."

And he fell and grabbed my pant's leg, and he said, "I'm sorry."

I said, "What you put on your prayer card, you have."

And he said, "Oh, pray, pray for me that I..." And he was a preacher.

E-90 And I said, "I have nothing to do with that. You cursed yourself. So you have what you put on the prayer card." And screaming, he run from the building. There it was. I don't know what ever happened. See?


E-4 And so one time in a meeting, it was in Canada, way up here in... I can never think of that city across from Detroit, Windsor, Ontario. And there was a--a man slipped into the meeting. And he thought it was a telepathy. And he put on his prayer card, on the back of it, "I have so many diseases," and things like that. There wasn't nothing wrong with him. And when he come up to the platform, he happened to be in the part of the line, probably just going through praying for the sick. And he said, "Could you tell me what's wrong with me?" And Brother Baxter started passing him on.

I said, "Just a moment."

He said, "I want to know what's wrong with me."

Brother Baxter said, "We're not having that."

Now, he'd been better off if he'd listened to Brother Baxter (See?), went on through. But no, he had to stop. And when he did, then the Holy Spirit said to him, "There's nothing wrong with you, you have no disease at all."

He said, "Oh, yes I do." He said, "Look on my card down there that they got."

I said, "I don't care what you got on your card; you--you haven't got nothing wrong with you."

And he said, "Oh, yes."

I said, "Well, you don't..."

He said, "I've got it." Said, "I got--I got it stated on my card."

I said, "I don't know anything about your card; I never see that. You just get a card, you... Anything you want to put on it, you put on it. But I don't see that, the ministers get them." And he said... But he said...

E-5 I said, "You might have had it and maybe you had a--a faith and was healed."

"Oh," he said, "That's what it is, is it," turned around.

And just then I looked and there was a vision. I said, "Why has the devil put in your heart to do that?" I said, "You are..." Now, if this is a person of that is in this building, I'm not speaking against your church. I said, "You're a Church of Christ minister." They love to fuss. I said, "You're a Church of Christ preacher. Last night you set with a man with a gray suit and a red tie. And you set at a table had a little green cloth hanging over it; there was a blond-headed woman setting next to you, and you said it was telepathy. And you come to this meeting today and wrote that on there, thinking you could pass it through and make a telepathy out of it to up trip God's Spirit." I said, "You're the one exposed."

And just then the man setting up there; he said, "Mr. Branham, I'm the guy that was with him." Said, "That's my wife setting right here, was with him."

And I said, "The things that you put on your card, you have. Both cancer and TB." And he fell down on the platform. But the last time I heard him, I never heard no more, just a letter from some of the people, that he was in a serious condition. So we're not playing church.

E-6 The infallibility of the Holy Spirit. Not the infallibility of the man, the man has no infallibility. But the Holy Spirit is absolutely infallible. Don't pretend nothing. You be what you are. When you say, "I now accept Christ as my Healer," you mean that. Don't you just slip around the corner and say, "Well, I'll try Brother Roberts when he comes in or somebody else." Don't you never do that. That's a dangerous thing, very dangerous. And you--you be just what you are. And if you're not a Christian, don't say you are.

If you're a sinner, admit it. God knows it. And now, your--your sinful condition... Just because you belong to church, that won't help you one bit. You might have a confession, your name on the book, and living a righteous life, and you're still a sinner. You got to be borned again, not with a mental mind, but by something that's happened in your heart. See? It's got to be, friends. Don't never let the devil blindfold you to that. It doesn't come by intellectual conception; it comes by birth. And your life copes right with that. You must have it.


E-86 I said, "Why has the devil put in your heart to lie before God?" I said, "What you put on your prayer card, you have right now." I said, "You're a preacher, and that man setting right there with that gray suit on in the balcony is the one that was with you last night. And you set in the room with a little green spread over a table, and you told your wife that you knowed it was a telepathy. And you got a card and come in here.

That fellow raised up there and said, "Brother Branham, that's the truth. I was right there with him."

I said, "Now, what was on your prayer card you have." He died about six months later with a cancer. Uh-huh, uh-huh.


E-61 How many was at the Windsor meeting to see that critic, that preacher? They packed him out paralyzed, and he's still paralyzed. Come on the platform, thought it was some kind of a psychology, and wrote on his card that it was such and such and such. Come up on the platform, the Holy Spirit said, "You are lying. You put on your prayer card down there a certain thing. You put TB and all this stuff on there. Now, because you've done it... You're a certain denominational church." Called who he was, and I said,"Last night you set with your wife, and that man there with the red tie on, set with you at a table with a green thing pulled over the table." And I said, "Now, what you put on your prayer card, you have." And this man run down there, so I...

Said, "God be merciful, Brother Branham, that is the truth." They took him out paralyzed, and he's still paralyzed.


E-26 And I said, "Because that you have said, and put that on your prayer card, now you have it." And he died about six weeks afterwards.

See, we're not playing, church. We're living in the Presence of the Holy Ghost." Remember Ananias and Sapphira? You better be sincere and correct with God before you try that. Remember, "It's a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." See? There it was. It come right upon him, and the diagnosis of the case and everything, showed he had both cancer and TB. He said it, he--and his words come to pass. That's just exactly. He sealed his own doom, just exactly.

Like David did when he stood before Nathan and said, "The man will surely die." See? He will have to pay for it. You know what Nathan told him. He sealed his own doom. So it's still the same God. We--we don't serve another God from another day. Now, that's how it is, so just have faith in God.


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