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    PROVERBS 1:8-9

The Greatest Man in History

Posted: 02 September 2012


Who is He?

The greatest man of all times, not just history.  Listen to what Brother Branham said about Him. Bro HS took this from the "message of the hour" forum.

  20-7    Tell me any man, tell me, any women can come to Calvary, and try to be a big somebody because somebody said something. Tell me where you can look in the face of Calvary in its right light, that day in Calvary...
How can you have
your day on Calvary and come out a stuffed shirt? How can you come out a puppet for some organization or preach some man-made doctrine? Why don't it humble you to the Word of God? If you ever go there, you'll come out humble. How can you want to be some big something in your organization with a feather in your hat, when Jesus Christ the Son of God humbled Himself to a hacked-up body to a spitted face, until shame and disgrace, and they stripped His clothes off, and crucified Him before the world, despising the shame? How can you go to Calvary and come away anything different than what He was: a disgrace, a shame?
Oh, you say, "They'll kick me out." Let them kick. Have your day at Calvary. God will have His way with you. Let me quote that again. Have your day at Calvary; God will have His way with you. Let us pray.

  49    When He come to earth, they give Him the lowest name they could give Him, as a fanatic. They called Him Beelzebub, the prince of the devils. That's right. He went to the lowest city there is in the earth, Jericho, and the littlest man in the city had to look down to see Him. But when God, nineteen hundred years ago, raised Him up... That's what man done to Him. But with the weapon of love, He conquered every devil.
And God raised Him so high, and give Him a Name above every name there is named in heavens and earth. Every name in heaven bows to the Name of Jesus. Every Angel, every monarch, everything bows to the Name of Jesus. Every tongue shall confess Him; every knee shall bow to Him. And He's ascended so high above, till even He has to look down to see the heavens. That's the mighty Conqueror. That's the One Who did it. When He left the earth (after, last night we had), He had the keys of death and hell hanging on His side (Amen.), "Fear not, I am He that was dead, and is alive again forevermore. And ('and's' a conjunction) I have the keys of death and hell, hanging right here." Talk about a Conqueror... "And because I conquered, I only made a highway for you to travel."

Sir, We would See Jesus 62-0724 Port Alberni BC
 E-44    Now, what was He yesterday? Now, if He was a--if He was a great rich man yesterday, He'd be a great rich man today. But when He come yesterday, we find out that He didn't even have a place to lay His head. That's right. "The birds of the air have nests; the foxes has dens; but I don't even have a place to lay My head."
He--He had it... When He come to the world, He borrowed a womb to be born in. They had no cradle to lay Him in, so they laid Him in a box of straw. When He died, He was nailed to a Roman tree under capital punishment. He had one robe to put on. It'd been made for Him, wove throughout without a seam. He had to borrow a grave to be buried in. So there's none of us that bad off.
He come to show what God was. Anything that's high and haughty isn't God. God is low and humble. That's what made Him God. See, something that comes low, not them that goes high... So God doesn't dwell in arch--hierarchies, and things. He dwells in humility. The way up is down. Humble yourself and you'll be exalted; exalt yourself and you'll be humble. That's right. See? God knows how to do it. So you have to remember; humble yourself before God. Don't try to think your own thoughts; think His thoughts. See?

A.SUPER.SIGN_  JEFF.IN  V-15 N-7  SUNDAY_  59-1227M
  64    Jehovah God became man, took on our stock, crossed Himself from God, and become man. There's the sign. Become... He was God, and became man, not rich men, but poor man. This is the super sign. "You've asked for a sign," said God, "I'll give you one, an everlasting sign."
He could've come otherwise, as I've said, but a baby. Why did He become a baby? When that first little toothless mouth opened in that manger, on that first crib--first Christmas morning, in His little manger crib, and the first little yell that went from His voice, that was God crying. Jehovah crying: a man. Come from God; and was man, every whit, man. Come to the world with nothing, but still man. What was He trying to do? What was He purposing?

  66    He cried like a baby in the manger. He played like a boy, on the street. He toiled like a man, but yet He was Immanuel. This is the super Sign: God dwelling in the creation that He created. The super sign, "It shall be a sign unto you."
He was so poor when He come to the earth, He come through a borrowed womb, a borrowed womb of a woman, and had to borrow a grave to be buried in. God... A virgin shall conceive without sexually interception. Jehovah borrowed the womb of Mary, a woman, to perform the duty, that He'd give an everlasting sign. And was so poor on earth, after thirty-three years and of a half, of ministry, He had to borrow a grave to be buried in. Can you imagine? Talk about immaculate conception, what meanest thou anyhow?

  68    Can't you see the real Sign? It's Jehovah become one of us: Jehovah God on earth, as a fugitive, a pilgrim in the land that He created: rejected, and pushed, and laughed at, and scoffed at; a stumbling Stone to the unbeliever, a Rock of an offense; a devil, to the religious world, but an eternal Sign to the believer, "God with us," the super Sign. Do you see it? God made manifest, God presenting Himself to the world as a fugitive; could've come some other way, but chose to come this way.
Listen to this. Don't miss it. I think that God had in His mind it would be appealing to the human being. It is to the believer. It is appealing when our God becomes one of us, but to the starchy, ungodly, a stumbling Block. "I'll give you the sign, a virgin shall conceive. Immanuel will be with you." God thought it would appeal to the human race, that our God would be one of us, that He would cross Himself and become our dust, that He would become our stock, a human stock, the Creator Who made all things. And again, it fulfilled prophecy. The prophets had saw it.

  70    And another thing, the Word was made dust, flesh, and dwelt among us. The Jehovah, the Word became human, became dust, and tabernacled with us. Everlasting Sign shall never end. Oh, when we think of it, an eternal Sign, the super Signs of all sign, God becoming one of us.
Then again, He must be the Seed of Abraham. Abraham, of course, was the seed of Eve. He was the woman's Seed that was to bruise the serpent's head. But Abraham, if you can catch it, he had faith in God, which united the Spirit of God with the flesh of man. That is where the faith come. There's why He could be the Abraham Seed, not all flesh, but the uniting of Spirit and flesh together, God, making Himself, tearing out, rooting out all evil, bringing into submission the flesh, the dust that He created, and live with you as a--a partner.

  72    Another thing, He never defiled or contradicted any of His laws. He cannot do that. So a virgin... "I'll give you a Sign," not a Titanic, not a U.N., but "I'll give you a sign of safety. A virgin shall conceive, and she shall bring forth a Son, and call Him Immanuel." That's the sign. Yes.
You see, in God's laws of redemption, as it was with Boaz and Naomi, it had to be a near kinsman. And the only way that man could be redeemed, God had to become a kinsman, near. I want you to see it. He never become kinfolks altogether to the rich, to the mighty, but He was born in the stable, wrapped in swaddling cloth: not to the adult, but to the child. He was God over the creation. He chose to do it. Not come a full matured man, He came that He might suffer the feelings of the little babies. He came that He might go through the teenage temptations. Might go, that He could toil the toils and snares of the devil, as a man, and make a way for people of all ages, of all ages and of all classes: the poor, the rich, the all. He became poor, that, through His poverty, we might become rich and heirs with Him in the Kingdom. A sign would be given, crossing Himself, making Himself something different than what He was: now a super Sign, crying as a baby, playing as a boy, toiling as a man, but it was God living in all stages of life like we do.

 Like an old colored man years ago, was down in the south. He'd got saved. And he went around telling all the brethren on the plantation he was free. The boss called him in, said, "Mose, I want to ask you something. I hear you're telling amongst the slaves that you're free."
He said, "Yes, sir." He said, "I'm free." Said, "Last evening, Jesus Christ set me free from the penalty of death and sin."
He said, "You mean that, Mose?"
He said, "I do."
He said, "Then I'll go down and sign the emancipation proclamation, and you can be free to preach to your brothers. I set you free also, if Christ set you free."
So he gone down and signed it.
The old man preached for years and years. When he come time to die, many of his white brethren he'd preached to come in. He was laying in a coma, and they thought he was gone. He laid there maybe a day or more without speaking.
One day, he opened up his eyes. He said, "Am I still here? Am I still here?" He said, "Come close, my brethren." He said, "I thought I had went over on the other side, and I just entered through the gate. The great Archangel had let me in the gate." And said, "Here come some servants up and said, 'Mose, Mose, the servant of the Lord. Here is your robe. Here is your crown.'"
He said, "I turned around to them and said, 'Oh, servants of God. Don't talk to me about robe and crown.'"
Said, "But, Mose, it's your reward."
He said, "I don't want a robe and crown. For my reward, just let me stand and look at Him.

THE MEANEST MAN IN SANTA MARIA                                SANTA MARIA CA      62-0630E   94That was it. I think that's the way you all feel. "Just let me look at Him." I've often thought, if I... when I passed over, if I can just crawl up, and pat them feet just a little bit, watch where that nail scar was, and then back off, it'd pay me if I lived a hundred years, and preached every night, and done everything I could, yeah, just to pat His feet.

Oh, how striking it is. Jehovah, born crying over a manure pile. Jehovah born in a manger of straw. There is your everlasting sign to the proud and puffed up, pseudo-intellectuals that have evolved their own theology and denied the truth of God. Jehovah God, a crying baby in a stinking barn. Then we think we have a right to be proud, holding up our noses, criticizing and acting as though we were somebody. Here's your real sign. This is the right one. Jehovah, playing as a boy. Jehovah working in a carpenter's shop. Jehovah washing the feet of fishermen.

"I will give you a sign," said God. "Not the sign of a white collared priesthood. Not the sign of wealth and power. There's nothing in this sign that you will want, or think suitable. But it is an everlasting sign. It is the greatest sign of all." Jehovah standing in the courtyard bruised and bleeding with thorns on His brow and spit on His face, mocked and set at naught. Jehovah, despised and rejected, hanging naked upon the cross, while the hypocrites jeered and dared Him to come down off the cross. Jehovah dying. Jehovah praying and nothing happening. Then Jehovah died. That is the sign for all men now. There isn't another like it. It is the great one.

 Then darkness came upon the earth. They put Him in a tomb. There He lay those three days and nights until an earthquake shattered the gloom of night and He came forth. Jehovah came forth. Jehovah ascended on high. Then Jehovah returned to in-dwell His church. Jehovah came back with a mighty rushing wind and flames of fire. Jehovah came back to walk in the midst of His church and empower His people. Once more Jehovah came, and this time to stay in His people. And again Jehovah heals the sick, raises the dead and manifests Himself by the Spirit. Jehovah came back, speaking in tongues, and giving the answer back in interpretation.

Jehovah came down and He raised the prostitute to sin no more. He came down to the drunkard with fly blows on his face as he lay unconscious in the gutter. Yes, Jehovah came to manifest in flesh and manifest through flesh. Jehovah came--God in us, the hope of glory.

Living, He loved me,
Dying, He saved me,
Buried, He carried, my sins far away
Rising, He justified, freely forever
One day He's coming,
Oh, glorious day.


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