Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father

    JOHN 14:12

The Blast and Mist (Fog) III

Posted: 02 September 2015





80 I got in the room there and got to speaking to God. I run my concordance to take Him back to Daniel, where it said, "And he came to the Ancient of Days Whose hair was white as wool." I said, "Lord, I--I--I don't know what to say, and I've got the responsibility." Now, that was before the--and remember, before the Seven Seals was opened, about a year or more before. I was praying there, "Lord, what was it?"

And I looked, standing before me, and there stood a man and he was a judge, and he had a white wig on. The old judges of ancient days used to wear a white wig to show that he was a supreme authority.

And then when I seen Jesus with the white wig, I said it only vindicates the truth that we know, that He is the supreme Authority. God witnessed the same thing on Mount Transfiguration, said, "This is My beloved Son, hear Him," the supreme authority.


83 Then back out there at the beginning of the Seven Seals, when those seven Angels come down in that pyramid form, stood there, and told me to return back here and speak on those Seven Seals. He'd be with me. He showed me what they were, the lost things. I always thought it was sealed on the back of the Book and it'd be something wasn't wrote in the Book; but it turned out that it was made known that He cannot do that. It isn't something that's written in the Book... It's something that's been hid in the Book. "For whosoever shall take one Word from It or add one word to It..." So it is a mystery that's been in the Book in these seven church ages. Each one of them produced a--a mystery, all about water baptism, and these other things that they've fumbled about so long.

Then when that went up, the big observatories from way down in California, plumb down in Mexico, over Tucson, everywhere, taking the picture of It. It was a mysterious sight. Brother Fred Sothmann there, setting right back there, and I and Brother Gene Norman, standing right there present when it went up... They took the picture, still they don't know what about it. Here sometime ago, everybody saying, "Looky here at this, looks like this, and the--them angels' wings, how they're folded in there."


85 One day, turning it to the right, looking, there was Jesus Christ just as perfect as Hofmann ever drawed Him. It was standing there with a white wig on, looking back down towards the earth, showing that He's supreme Authority. The heavens declare it; the Bible declares it; the Message declares it. It's all the same: Supreme Authority, with the white wig on. You see His black beard under it. Many of you have seen the picture. We got it back there. Just turn it to the right, sideways; look at it. There He is, just as perfect as it was--if it would been photographed of Him. They're looking at it from the wrong angle. You got to look at it in the right angle. And only the Lord God can reveal which is the right angle. Turn it to your right and look at it. There He is just as perfect, and it'd been photographed up there.

The first time I ever seen Him, He looked like a Head of Hofmann. I had never seen that before; and in Billy Sunday's tabernacle years later, I saw it. My house has never been without one of the pictures since.

Then, here in the skies, saying that the very God that I saw up in this vision out here, just a little boy out here by where this schoolhouse stands, He looked like that. And here in the heavens, thirty-three years later, declare it, that it's the truth. That's the way He looks: not some mystic something of somebody's idea.


35-2 Have I ever told you anything in the Name of the Lord but what happened? If I did, I want you to tell me about it. Every time, hasn't it been perfectly at the platform? Every time hasn't it happened just like He said? This was THUS SAITH THE LORD.

I stood there and looked over in that time, and I seen tens of thousands times thousands coming, young men and women running, throwing their arms around me, screaming. I looked right back and seen myself laying on the bed. Oh, Lord, let me look a past the curtain of time.

What is it? It's quickening power that'll catch us away: that great quickening power.


35-4 The quickening power come in this last days. That's what I'm in Arizona for right now. There's many people setting right here, stood right here in Phoenix and heard me tell you from this very platform, THUS SAITH THE LORD. (How many remembers it?) Now, goes... Something's fixing to happen.

I saw seven angels come. Didn't "Life" Magazine pack it, just a fog of It floated across here twenty-seven miles high and thirty miles across. Is not Fred Sothmann and these others, Gene Norman and them setting back there, stood right there when them seven Angels appeared right there on the hill? It shook the hills for miles around like that. There stood seven Angels and throwed a sword in a hand and said, "Go home and open these Seven Seals that are given." And here they are, the true mystery of marriage and divorce, and the serpent's seed, and all these things that's been fussed about. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD.

What is it? The quickening power coming to the church, making her ready in this hour that we're approaching: quickening power. Oh, God help us to receive it. Help us to believe it.

See? Just depends on what attitude you take to It whether It's going to do you any good or not though. See, you have to believe that. If you don't believe it, it won't do you one bit of good.


25-3 The "Life" magazine packed an article of it, "Mystic circle of light goes up in the air above Tucson and Phoenix" in the same way that I told you nearly a year before it happened, how it would be in a--like a triangle. The picture hangs in the church down there. You that took that magazine has it. There it was just exactly. They said it was twenty-seven miles high and thirty miles across. They don't understand yet what happened. It appeared mysteriously and went away mysteriously.

And Brother Fred Sothmann, Brother Gene Norman, and I stand there, three as a witness, like it was up on top of the mountain: Peter, James, and John to give witness; stood there and watched it when it happened and seen it done. There it is, hanging in the sky so far there's no humidity, no moisture, nothing to make a--a fog. How could it come there? It was the Angels of God returning back after their Message. This day that prophecy has been fulfilled in our midst. This day this Scripture has been fulfilled.

Watch. Seven Seals has been opened, the whirlwinds to the west coast. Now, don't miss it like they did back yonder. Now, our attention a little closer to our day.


62 Now, in the heavens above... Did you notice I'm looking on this, the--the Light on the picture there out of the "Life" Magazine, that the brother that lives here in this home has put on his wall, that triangle of Light.

I just happened to run across my mind. If any of you has the Lamsa Bible translation, if you'll notice over the cover of it, is a triune, trinitarian light, a three-cornered light like a halo. And when Dr. Lamsa, a friend, my personal friend, was translating the Bible, that is the old Hebrew symbol of God in the true trinitarian way that He is: not three Gods, but three manifestations of the same God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Light is one complete circle of Light in a triangle shape, which means that God will dwell in three offices, the Fatherhood, Sonship, and Holy Ghost dispensation, all the same God.


64 But did you notice before the Seven Seals was revealed, before the great mysterious Light showed forth in the heavens up here at above Tucson, Flagstaff, where we were? Brother Fred, two of the men that was--the two men was with me that morning. When that had been told months and months ahead of time would happen... Both Brother Fred Sothmann and Brother Gene Norman setting here this morning, when it--was there when the blast went off, and not knowing these things would take place.

And He sent me back, said that the time was at hand for these Seven Seals which held the seven mysteries of the entire Bible was sealed in with these Seven Seals. And how these angels down along the road, messengers of the church ages, opened to a certain part of that. But in the seventh hour, the seventh messenger, that all these mysteries should be finished. See? The seventh earthly messenger (See?), this angel that He speaks of then was on earth. A "angel" means "messenger." And then, after that, he saw another Angel coming down, not the earthly angel that had been given the Message here, but the--another mighty Angel came from heaven with a rainbow over Him, and set His foot on the land and sea, and swore by Him that lives forever and ever, "Time shall be no more." See? But before He broke forth on those Seven Seals to reveal them, that He showed miraculous, He showed it first in the heavens.

That day they took pictures all across southern United States and Mexico. There it hangs now in the "Life" magazine, still a mystery to them. But He declares it in the heavens before He does it on earth. He always does that. He shows His signs in the heavens first.

continuing with IV....


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