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Operations of Church Offices-Branham Tabernacle

Posted: 13 March 2021

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Operations of Church Offices








Rev. William Branham



Rev. Orman Neville



The following agreements and the operations of the present offices in power at the Branham Tabernacle are compiled below. It is to enlighten the present members who now attend the worship services at the Branham Tabernacle; as to the proper function of each office. That we may agree as one united body, understanding each others position as we work together to forward the kingdom of God.



The office of the pastor is to conduct and act upon any program of which he believes to be according to the plan of God, according to the Word of God, for the Branham Tabernacle. He shall assume supreme authority and meet promoting for the spiritual welfare of the church. He shall be head of the associate pastor, the deacon board, the trustee board, and the church body itself. Acting in wisdom to lead God's saints, manifesting love toward all the saints and their burdens. Conducting himself in perfect servitude, of which God has called and placed him to act upon.


The associate pastor to the Branham Tabernacle, is to perform and carry out the duties of the pastor, in his absence. To conduct worship services according to the manner of doctrine believed and practiced by the Branham Tabernacle. He shall be invested with the same power as the pastor is, meeting all responsibility of the church, and acting in full authority to keep the church in order. He is to manifest deep concern to all the burdens of the saints and fulfill the commission of which God has called him to, as a shepherd. He shall account at various times the progress of the church, spiritual matters present, and problems that may be pressing, to the pastor. He shall not undertake any business transactions without first presenting it to the pastor, the exact transaction.


The body of men, shall govern the welfare of the church as a business group. They are elected to protect the church in its financial matters, its business investments, the supervision of its properties, and its expenditures. They shall strongly consider every move of progress, step by step, which involves church funds. For they shall be responsible to keep the church from indebtedness, and the saints from burdens that are too great to bear financially. In the undertaking of any project, regardless what it is, they are to bring the matter to the pastor, consultation by the pastor, consultation by the pastor only for every financial project the church wishes to invest or engage itself therein is absolutely required.



The office of deacons, as elected according to the Word of God and the manner of the Branham Tabernacle, is to act as an office of spiritual assistance to the pastors. They are to assist the pastors on all of his spiritual activities. They are given free speech in presenting to the pastors any program or benefits that would bless the general and spiritual welfare of the church. They must be apt to teach, and ready to assist the pastor or associate pastor on every duty if called to do so. They shall assist in serving communion. They shall be acting ushers in all services. They shall police the church, in keeping civil order and conduct. They shall assist in taking local offerings. They shall oversee the spiritual conduct of the church in working with the pastor and one another on spiritual problems and matters of the saints. They shall be ready at anytime to assist the need of every saint who is burdened and in need of spiritual consultation, or general welfare. They have not the right to act upon any program or promotion without agreement with one another, the pastors, or the trustees if the program they are considering doing involves church funds. They will be responsible before God for their conduct and manner of service, according to the Word of God. They shall not have meeting among themselves without the pastor or associate pastor present.


The responsibility of the treasurer is to provide an exact account of the financial status of the present funds in the treasury. This report is to made available to the pastor or the board of trustees, upon their request of such a report. No other office in the church may have access to this information. He may obtain such information from the trustees report given to him by the treasurer. The treasurer shall sit in on every trustee meeting to take notes and minutes of actions taken by the board of trustees. He has not the authority to convey or acknowledge the financial status information to any acting office in the church but the pastor or board of trustees. He shall not be a consultant in spiritual matters, nor is it of need that he should attend meetings of the deacons. Unless asked to by the pastor.



The office of Sunday school superintendent is of vital importance to the church. Though his duties are not major, he is responsible to keep the childrens classes with teachers and supplies that pertain to teaching. He shall undertake to appoint teachers to their rooms assigned to them. He shall, in the absence of a Sunday school teacher, appoint another teacher to take the place of the one absent from duty. He shall watch carefully that the time element of the classes beginning and closing does not interfere with the worship service. He shall present the needs of Sunday school supplies to the board of trustees, who will advise him concerning the funds needed for supplies. He shall not direct the teachers themselves, only assigning them to their classes. He shall not undertake any program without consulting the pastor, for the Sunday school department solely. He is not required to sit in on deacon board meetings, nor on trustee meetings. He is free from any responsibility as that pertaining to a deacon or trustee, that all his time may be given to supervise the Sunday school, with devout interest.


The music program and all order pertaining to the development of such a program is under the supervision of the pastor only, and the associate pastor. During regular - services, special meetings, or revivals, at all times, the pastors shall advise and conduct this program. The trustee board shall advise on the purchasing of any musical instruments and the pastor shall be consulted. Any suggestions for musical programs by the saints, deacons, or such parties interested should be presented to the pastor, who will welcome them, and advise on such suggestions. It is preferred the pastor shall control this program, as he is the leader of the worship service, and confidence is placed in his ability to lead the church in worship that is most pleasing to God. Music programs, testimony services, addresses by various parties, reports to the church by various offices, or any program that intervene the worship time should be under the pastors supervision.


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