Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee: because he trusteth in Thee.

    ISAIAH 26:3

Mystery of the Cloud Explained Part IV or (The Blast, Mist and the Fog)

Posted: 22 March 2022

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25-3 The "Life" magazine packed an article of it, "Mystic circle of light goes up in the air above Tucson and Phoenix" in the same way that I told you nearly a year before it happened, how it would be in a--like a triangle. The picture hangs in the church down there. You that took that magazine has it. There it was just exactly. They said it was twenty-seven miles high and thirty miles across. They don't understand yet what happened. It appeared mysteriously and went away mysteriously.

And Brother Fred Sothmann, Brother Gene Norman, and I stand there, three as a witness, like it was up on top of the mountain: Peter, James, and John to give witness; stood there and watched it when it happened and seen it done. There it is, hanging in the sky so far there's no humidity, no moisture, nothing to make a--a fog. How could it come there? It was the Angels of God returning back after their Message. This day that prophecy has been fulfilled in our midst. This day this Scripture has been fulfilled.
Watch. Seven Seals has been opened, the whirlwinds to the west coast. Now, don't miss it like they did back yonder. Now, our attention a little closer to our day.
(Editor = This was March 7th and 8th, 1963,  and there were only two brothers hunting with him (he already got his javelina). They are Brother Fred Sothmann and Brother Gene Norman)

What's the Attraction On the Mountain  65-0725E
63 I was going hunting with a friend, not knowing what was going to happen. And someone called me, the one that criticized me about that picture of the Angel of the Lord, the one that took it. I had to go to Houston about his son, for he was going in the death row and was going to be killed in a few days. And he met me in there and throwed his arms around me, said, "Think, the very man that I criticized comes to save my only son!" The humane society give me what they call an oscar, or whatever you want to call it, for saving a life.

64 Then we went back, I went up in the mountain to hunt. And there Brother Fred and I, one morning when I walked out, I had already got my javelina, and I looked and seen the place where he went. I said, "Brother Fred, go over on that mountain early in the morning now, about the break of day, and I'll get on the other one. I won't shoot at the hog, won't kill him. But if they start over this way, the herd, I'll shoot in front of them then run them back."

(Editor = They wanted to hunt from 1st March but broke the hunt to go to Houston, Texas where he preached the sermon, "The Absolute" 4th March 1963)

65 Brother Fred went out there and there was no hogs. He waved at me and I seen. I went down in a canyon, some big chasms, the sun was just coming up. I come around the other side of the hill, not thinking nothing about the prophecy. Set down, waiting, resting, I thought, "What happened to those hogs?"And I picked up my... Set down like Indians do, you know, cross-legged, and I looked on my overall leg and there was a bullheader. I picked it up, and I said, "That's strange! Here I am, about forty miles northeast of Tucson. There's my little boy Joseph setting there waiting for me." And as I started to look, I seen a herd of hogs come out about a thousand yards from me, up on a mountain, I throwed the bullheader down. I said, "I'll get them. I'll go get Brother Fred, and I'll hang up a piece of paper to let know which way to go on this ocotillo here, and we'll get Brother Fred."
And I started up the mountain, running as hard as I could on the other side. All of a sudden, I thought somebody shot me. I never heard such a blast, it shook the whole country. And, when it did, standing before me was seven Angels in a cluster.

66 I met Brother Fred and them a little after. Said, "What was it?"I said, "That was it."
"What are you going to do?"
"Return home. For, THUS SAITH THE LORD, the seven mysteries that's been hid in the Bible all these years, these denominations and everything, God is going to open those seven mysteries to us in the Seven Seals."
There was that circle coming up from the earth, like a mist forming. When it did, it went plumb up into the mountain, begin to circle on westward from the way it come. Science found it after while, thirty miles high and twenty-five miles across, just exactly in the circle of the pyramid.

67 And the other day, standing there, turned the picture to the right, and there's Jesus as He was in the Seven church Ages, the white wig on, showing Supreme Deity. He's Alpha and Omega; He's the First and the Last; He is the Supreme Judge of all eternity, standing there, confirmed the Message of this hour. And there shall be Light about the evening time! What's it all about? What was it? (editor= see, there shall be Light about the evening time, it was not mist, or water vapor, but a Circle of Light).

68 I went westward. Upon that same mountain, passing up with Banks Wood there, said, "Throw up a rock. Say to Mr. Wood, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD, you'll see the Glory of God.'"The very next day, standing there, a whirlwind came down and blasted the mountains out. Rocks cut the top of the trees off, about three or four feet above my head. Made three big blasts, and the brethren come running over. There was about fifteen man standing there, preachers and everything else. "What was it?" He said, "What was it?"
I said, "Judgment is striking the west coast." (Editor = This account is one year or almost one year later in 1964, Alaska Earthquake, Brother Bank Woods and about 20 others were present on the day he said something was fixing to happen, and then on the following day, there were less people about 15 or so and the three Blasts and Whirlwind occured)

What is the attraction? P:73  [65-0725E]
73  And the science all through Tucson yet, they're writing pieces and put in the paper. Way back over there on Mount Lemmon, them big cameras didn't see it rising up from where we was standing; drifting on towards the west, showing the time is over. It can't go but a little piece there, it's at the west coast. Judgment struck just in the very way it went. Going right up over Phoenix and right on across, on to Prescott and across the mountains to the west coast, right on up into... Where was they going? Right on up into Alaska, and she's thundering, heading right that way. (Editor = see, drifting on towards the west, rising and going Westward...)

(Editor, as this is a quick write up, I will post more and more quotes saying the same thing though I think it is not necessary if you are reading your bible and listening to the tapes and know how to search the Table).

These quotes above are taken as the prophet spoke them. The sequence and timeline appeared to be out of sync with the dates, and the critics have their days questioning about the narrative. Some pastors or ministers try to defend the known views at that time,  but in their explanations, they veered off course from what was actually said on tape. Either they have not heard the tapes or they do not believe what the prophet had said. We have been warned not to add to the Word or take away from the Word...It applies also to the Message which is the Word. He simply tells us, "Say what the tape says". That if you have the revelation,  means the same thing,  as what God said, don't add nor take using your own reasoning. The standard extablished by God and the pattern has been given, thus saith the Lord. By the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every Word be established. 2nd Corinthians 13. See, God got no greater Being than Himself, so He swore by Himself, His Oath and the Word (two witnesses) and that settles the matter.

In their eagerness to stand with the prophet they actually ended up making up a lot of their own thoughts as proof of their stand against the onslaught ot the critics. And in so doing do more harm than good. Why, you asked? Because they misled others into leaving behind the truth as established in the Word.

Many were missled by the pictures of the Cloud printed in Life Magazine and Science Magazine. Why? Because all these pictures do not show the facial features the prophet spoke of. He said clearly, the Angel of the Lord told him to turn the picture to his right meaning clockwise...and then he highlighted the eyes, and the facial features...including what looks like the beard. All these are not found in the magazines. Having been misled by the magazine, one Tucson pastor even claimed that he later have an artist do a make over or what we would call a photoshop today...This claim was believable for that day...because none stopped to even think, that the prophet clearly said the Angel told him to turn the picture to the right and he highlighted the facial features ON THE PHOTO he was holding. They were already there on the photo. So obviously, the photos of the Life and Science Magazines were edited to be totally blank!! Worst than that, they even made the picture totally bright in the centre giving the impression Sunlight was shining on it.  Why would the editors do such a thinig? The answer is obvious, the facial features were there and if they had printed the original picture, every reader would not miss that...(It was a good thing that I followed the youtube testimony of Brother Hickerson, and there from his photo album, they lifted the original picture among other pictures of similar significance, such as Brother Branham's signature on his checks. Look it up, you be amazed at that beautiful, cursive and elaborate signature, which the prophet said God told him to sign it that way and he said no one could copy it...but praise God, the Holy Spirit guided Brother Billy Paul to be able to withdraw the money, which that greedy pastor from Arizona was trying to get his hands on it. Do you know he referred to himself as the Brown Bear-that is another mystery I explained later).

But the prophet clearly said, those were the angels which were rising up and heading Westward...those critics who said the Cloud was formed by the debris or smoke or contrail of a rocket said the opposite...that the contrail was been blown by the wind from the West to the East...meaning heading East. But our prophet said it was heading West....And later ended up in Alaska where about a year later, they appeared again before 15 to 20 ministers in the form of 3 great blasts which thrown up the pyramid shape rocks and within days, the great Alaska Earthquake happened...Judgement Stiking the West Coast ( 3 great blasts). This time, there were more people witnessing or heard the blasts and the whirlwind.

So what is the mystery? The mystery is that the Cloud was neither formed by sunlight or water vapour. Look back at the bible and list out all the quotes where similar cluster of Angels, or Cloud appears? Like Mount Transfiguration for example. Where do the White of the Cloud came from? The bible said they were Lights..and the angels formed the lights. Supernatural Lights just like the picture of the Pillar of Fire..God is light. Check the quotes for yourselves. I found about half a dozen quotes on that... The Angels formed the Cloud. No water vapour or water Sunlight as on Sunset Mountain on that day, the Sun already set on the horizon..with a bit of light shining on the Eyes or part of the lower corner near the Right Eye of the Picture,,,but not anywhere else. Scientists called these kind of Cloud in the dark or in the night as Nocti-Lucent Clouds...(meaning Clouds in the Night - No Sun) and their first usage or pictures of such clouds did not appear until the early 90's, The Mystery Cloud was 1963!!!. Of course the scientists claimed there were some records in the 18th century...but no pictures. Just empty claims. If it was actually the same, that would be the Angels they appeard at the nativity scene, when the Lord was Spring...shepherds were out in the field grazing their flocks..there aren't any grass to graze in Winter in December, .and the Angelic Choir appeared to sound the first Noel....

So brothers and sisters, we do not have to add anything to try to fill in what you think are gaps in the story. Therer are no gaps. It is exactly what the prophet said it was. Now as to why the timeline appearred to be not according to our understanding, I simply tell you this, do not worry too much about it...because God is showing us All things are possible. That time, space and matter may not be what the scientists are telling us now...thought they did stumble upon some of these the quantum physics arena, getting wrong impressions about multi dimensions, multiverse, entanglement (did not the bible said, the angels of the children behold the Father's face) and speed force...etc...denying God, the Creator who had shown us, He can stop Time and even reverse Time as were the case with Joshua (Sun Stand Still) and the Hezekiah (Dial of Ahaz) moving back 10 degrees. These scientists will tell you that they think they can travel to the future but cannot travel to the past. If that is so, how are they able to come back from the future if ever they do travel into the future. But hold on, John the Apostle in the Isles of Patmos already was transported to the Future, he said, The Day of the Lord,  and saw the Seven Angel Messenger..., the Spirit of Elijah, even conversing with him and fell down to worship him on two occasions (Rev 19 and 21) .but was told explicitly not to do such thing but worship God. If the mighty Apostle John was so awed by this angel much should we be....But our knees are for our Lord Jesus Christ...not Eliezer...the great servant of Abraham or that servant sent out at supper time in Luke 14:16-21 nor are we to bow to that angel of Rev 19 and 21. We look only for the Bridegroom, who is our Lord Jesus Christ, LORD GOD ALMIGHTY,  who gave His life for our Ransome. 

Just believe.

Some quotes for reference

He That Is In You P:13  [63-1110E]
13  Now, some sister here, Billy just showed me, was nice enough to go get this Life magazine, this picture, and blow it up, of that... of this--of the seven Angels, and had it taken and sent to me. That is the picture. And now, if you'll notice here, 😳as it was a-leaving, ascending back, when the Angels had brought their message, it was in the form of a pyramid, just exactly what I told you three months before it happened, the way it would be. Is that right? And the notable Angel, with His wings back on the side, back, laying back, you remember me, said, "He had His head... coming to speak." Don't you even see the wings there? And there's the Angel there, just exactly the way it was said.

Audio Letter To Lee Vayle P:42  [64-0500]
*42  Now, we could speak of that. And then how that this great... 😯after these Angels descending and--and ascended back, there was a light in the skies. you know, about that the... The science can't even figure out. They don't know where to go. It's still in the same shape that those Angels was, just in a three cornered, like a pyramid, 😯ascended up, went miles high, went plumb back into... way back across the country.And they took the pictures of it out of the States, and everything. Got it in, I believe it's "Life" magazine," or "Look," one. It was "Life" magazine I believe, May the seventeenth, about 40... 1940 or--or 63. May the seventeenth, I think that's the one packed the article. You... I'm sure you know about it.
And well, Lee, there's just so many things that could be said right here. I'm going to stop just for a minute to try to think of something that would--would be a help to you.*

Absolute An P:74  [63-1201M]
74  One day, standing there, picking the cockleburs off, or a little bullheaders off of my legs, like it was, there that seven Angels broke through from the sky and shook the place, till, rocks, weighing fifty or sixty pounds, rolled down the hillside. There stood seven Angels standing there, commissioned to go back and to bring these messages, and said one by one they would meet and tell what happened. And it did exactly that way. 😳And when they ascended up on high, like that, went thirty miles high in the air; and on the same day they took the picture of It, science did, and went around the world. It's a paradox, but it was an Absolute. It tied me tighter into Jesus Christ, winding my life into Him. I know it seemed strange. It's always a...It was a paradox for Paul to meet Jesus on the road to Damascus. It's a paradox when God changes a black sinner's heart and washes it white in His own Blood. It's a paradox. Certainly. Do you believe in paradox? And that paradox, if it's according to the Word of God, it can be your Absolute. Paul's conversion was a paradox, and become his absolute.

  156    You're not blind people. You're--you're sensible people, and if I stood here and said those things for prejudice... I say it because it's Life, because I'm responsible to God for saying it. And I must say it. And my Message... All the time knowing back there under healing and so forth like that, was just to catch the people's attention, knowing the Message would come. And here it is.
And them Seven Seals opened, those mysteries and showing those things is what's happened. I didn't know it, but there's men standing right here now was standing right with me when you all heard me preach that sermon, "Sirs, What Time Is It?" And that morning exactly where it said it would be, there stood seven Angels standing right there from the heaven. And as they went up, and that whirlwind taken them up there, we standing, watching as they went away, science took the picture of it all the way across the nations, down into Mexico. And there when I was watching...

013   And you know, not in that time, I didn't know it; but cameras from all over the country was taking the picture of That, as the white Cloud settled down, went on the Associated Press. I think even Chicago paper packed it, all around. Life magazine packed it. How many has seen it in there, that Mr... That, see, that was it right there, just exactly the way it said it, standing right under It when It come down and formed.

Angels themselves were the Lights

Man that can turn on light P:49  [63-1229M]
49  It was the Angels of God that showed light upon the hill to guide the shepherds to the eternal Light. See, it only comes by Light. Life can only come by Light. The shepherds wanting to know... You know, when a king is born, they have singing, great carrying on when the king is born. Now, He was so secretly born and borned in a stable, in a--a manger where the cattle and horses was eating, but yet He was a King. And the--the Angels came down and sang the hymns to the shepherds in the light. The Angels themselves were lights that showed with the Word of God. They had the Word of God and told them, "Today in the city of David, over there in Bethlehem is born Christ the Saviour." The Angels had the Word, and the Word came by Light to guide. And they followed the Word of the Angels to the eternal Light. They found the Baby there wrapped in swaddling's cloth as they had said. For you see, Life only comes by Light.

Revelation book of symbols P:72  [56-0617]
72  In the Old Testament He was a Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel; that was Christ, the Angel of the covenant. All that knows that, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]In the New Testament He manifested Hisself in flesh to take away sin, to bring us back to be sons and daughters of God.
One day down on the road, come a little, old sassy Jew, and he was going down to arrest those people who were crying, and praising God, and prophesying. And what met him? A beautiful Light. What Body's Jesus in now? A Light, the same Pillar of Fire that He was in the beginning. He met Saul of Tarsus, and the Light come so close to him into his eyes, till it blinded him, said, "Why persecutest thou Me?"
Said, "Who is It, Lord?"
Said, "I'm Jesus."

Is this sign of the end sir P:31  [62-1230E]
31  When the Light, which you see on the picture tonight, that's been proven to be a Supernatural Being by scientific research... To me it was the same Light that struck down St. Paul. Is the same Light that led the children of Israel by night. Did you notice here, this Angel, He was clothed in a cloud. See, He was a cloud by day.Now, that same Light... As to people not understanding, first thought that it was wrong, that I was just saying that. But the Holy Spirit happened to have the scientific instruments, and the people there, for a vindication, and took the picture of It several times. I said, "I see a person shadowed to death," black shadow over them.

Christ is the mystery P:111  [63-0728]
111  The reason that was such a tremendous thing, that He spoke of it here and showed those Seven Thunders and "Look" and "Life" my "Life" magazine there, packed that circle of cloud and light there that they could not understand and don't know it yet, but here telling, "Go there and wait for these mysteries to be revealed" and here months before it happened; and then it happened, and exactly the way He said it would do.Did you notice in that picture even that Angel on the right when He was being materialized, coming down, with His wings back and His head setting sideways? There it is right there in the picture just exactly: months before it happened, told here that He's going to bring the Body of believers together to reveal, take up them lost ends.

Below is the youtube link advanced to the 46th minutes to show the photo album with his picture collection. Judge for yourselves.

allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="937" src="" title="Brother Hickerson, former Deacon of Brother Branham" width="1920">

(There are more quotes than you can find, that the Angels were the lights. They don't need sunlight to shine on them to give off light). Deep in the ocean where it is totally dark...there are animals or creatures that give off light...Flourescence and bioilluminence lights in beautiful colors, so why not the Angels) So I would urge those brothers to stop trying to explain it, but just take every Word as spoken. The Word is spirit, truth and love.


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