Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand.
He is ever merciful, and lendeth; and his seed is blessed.

    PSALMS 37:24, 26

Law or Grace

Posted: 18 March 2013


  30-3    Now, listen close. The seventh angel of Revelations 10:7 is the seventh church age messenger. See? Now, watch. And in the days... Now, watch here.
But in the day's of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished...

Now, sounding forth, this messenger, the seventh angel here, is sounding forth his message to the Laodicean church. Notice his type of message. Now, it wasn't to the first angel (wasn't given that), second angel, third, fourth, fifth, sixth; but it is the seventh angel that had this type of message. What was it? Notice, his type of message: finishing all the mysteries of God that are written in the Book. The seventh angel is winding up all the mysteries that's lain loose-ended, all out through these organizations and denominations. The seventh angel gathers them up and finishes the entire mystery. That's what the Bible said: finishes the mystery of the written Book.

30-5    Now, let's note a few of these mysteries. And if you want to, write them down. First, I'll take what Scofield says here in Matthew 13. If you would like to--to type some of them down... If you haven't got a Scofield Bible, you might read what he thinks some of the mysteries are. Now, in the 11th verse:

He answered and said unto them, Because it's given to you... (his disciples)... Because it is given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but not to them... but to them it is not given. (The mysteries)
Here's the mystery: A "mystery" is Scripture--is "a previously hidden truth, now Divinely revealed, but which is a supernatural element still remains despite the revelation." The greater mysteries and the great mysteries are:

31-1    Number 1. The mystery of the Kingdom of heaven. That's the one we are talking on now, 13... Matthew 13:3-15.
Now, 2nd mystery is the mystery of Israel's blindness during this age: Romans 11:25 with the context.
3rd--3rd mystery is the mystery of the translation of the living saints at the end time of this age: I Corinthians 15 and also Thessalonians 4:14-17.
The 4th mystery, of the New Testament church as One Body, composed of both Jews and Gentiles: Ephesians 3:1-11, Romans 16:25, and also Ephesians 6:19, Colossians 4:3.
The 5th mystery is of the church, as the Bride of Christ: Ephesians 5:28-32.
6th mystery is of the living Christ, same yesterday, today and forever: Galatians 2:20, and Hebrews 13:8, many places like that.
The 7th mystery is of God, even Christ, as the incarnate Fullness of the Godhead embodied , (8TH) in Whom all Divine wisdom and godliness is restored to man.
9th mystery is the mystery of iniquity found in II Thessalonians and so forth.
The 10th mystery is of the seven stars of Revelation 1:20. We just been through that. The seven stars are the seven churches, the seven messengers, and so forth.
And the 11th mystery is mystery Babylon, the prostitute: Revelations 17:5-7.

31-2    That's some of the mysteries that this angel is supposed to wind up, all the mystery--all the mysteries of God... And the other one... May I say this with reverence, and not referring to myself, but referring to the Angel of God.
The serpent's seed, that's been a hidden mystery all through the years.
The grace straightened out, not disgrace, but real true grace.
No such a thing as an eternal burning hell. You'll burn for millions of years, but anything that was eternal had never beginning or end, and hell was created. All these mysteries. The mystery of the baptism of the Holy Ghost without sensation, but the Person of Christ performing in you the same works that He did. The mystery of water baptism, where the extreme trinitarianism has brought it into titles of Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and the mystery of the Godhead being fulfilled in the baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ according to the Book of the Revelations, that the church in this time was to receive. There's some of the mysteries.
The Pillar of Fire returning back. Amen. That's the thing that is supposed to take place, and we see it.

140      Notice, God has had a threefold purpose in this great mystery secret. God, in His great mystery secret that He had before the world began, He has got a threefold purpose in it. And now what we want to go upon, this morning, is, what is that threefold purpose? See? Now, I believe, by the help of the... of God, Who is present, and He--He'll show it to us. Now, if He had this threefold purpose, we want to find out what is this threefold purpose.
141      The first thing was, that, God wanted to reveal Himself to the people.

142    He couldn't do it as a great Jehovah God Who covered all space, time, and Eternity. He could not. He is too great to ever be revealed to people, because it would be too mysterious. How could that great Being that never did begin... that after you went beyond the cycle of a hundreds of billions and trillions and trillions of years of light space, and on out into the infinite, into the Eternity, and a great Creature that was all that, and still is.
144      Secondly, to have the preeminence in His Body of believers, that is, His Bride, that He might live in people.

145      Now, He could do that in Adam and Eve, but sin separated them, so now there had to be some way to get it back again. Oh, my! Oh, when I... This, this is rich, to me, just to even think of it. See? See what God's purpose was? Now why didn't He just keep Adam and Eve like that? Then He would never been able to express His fullness, His full attribute. Because, He could have been a Father there, that's true, but also He's a Saviour. You say, "How do you know He was?" He is, 'cause I've had the experience. See? See? He is a Saviour, and He had to express that. And how could He do it? Only through Christ. How could He be a Son? Only through Christ. How could He be a Healer? Only through Christ. See, all things are wound up in that one Person, Jesus Christ.

153      Oh, if God can get Him prisoners like that! Now, that's when He can express the preeminences, you see. He, He's got the man, or the person, so that he knows nothing but Christ. You get what I mean? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right. That's secondly.
154    First, to express Hisself completely, God in Christ.
155    Second, to have the preeminences, by this, in His Church, which is His Body, the Bride, till He could have the preeminence to express Himself through them. All right.
156    And, thirdly, to restore the Kingdom to its rightly position, that fell by sin by the first Adam, back to where He walked in the cool of the evening, with His people, talked with them, fellowshipped with them.
157    And now sin and death had separated them from His Presence and His entire expression. Do you read it? Before the foundation of the world, to express all of His--His--His attributes, what He was.

180    What is the identification of the church? What is she to be? What was she? What is it? The called out group. Who set it up? Jesus Christ; not a bishop, not the Catholic church, not Methodist, not Luther, not Wesley. No, sir. Who set it up? Jesus Christ. What is its message? Repentance, water baptism, baptism of the Holy Ghost, Divine healing, salvation. How do we become a member of it? By being borned into it. Can we get to heaven without it? No, sir. For those that are dead in Christ will God bring with Him, and not--not anyone else but those who are dead in Christ. Jesus is coming for those that are dead in Christ. Ephesians 4 chapter said that the... No, Galatians, I believe it is, the 4th chapter said that "Those that are dead in Christ will God bring with Him. Those that are dead in Christ will God brings with Him."

72      Now, in order to study the Scripture, Paul told Timothy, "Study It, rightly dividing the Word of God, which is Truth."
Them is three musts in the Scripture. In using God's Word, there is three things that you must not do. Now let's study those for the next ten minutes; three things that you must not do. And all out in the land, wherever you are, across the nation, be sure to put these down in your mind if you haven't got a pencil. You must not do these things. We tell you all the time how you must do, now I'm going to tell you what you must not do.

73    Now, you must not misinterpret the Word. You say, "Well, I believe It means this." It means just what It says. It needs no interpreter. And you must not misplace the Word. And you must not dislocate the Word. And if we would do either of these, it throws the whole Bible in a confusion and in a chaos.
The Three Comings
E-6    But we'll be gone at that time. Yes, sir. There's a part of us that's immortal. No atom, no hydrogen or nothing is needed for that. It's spirit. We'll be caught up in a moment, in a twinkling of the eye, to meet the Lord in the air.
There's three comings of the Lord, you know that. There's three of everything in the Scripture. Three is God's perfect number: Threes, sevens, twelves, twenty-fours, forties, fifties. But three times He came: once to redeem His Bride. He comes the next time, we meet Him in the air, to receive His Bride. He comes the next time in the millennium with His Bride. That's after the wedding supper is over. We return back for the millennium.

20    So in there they find the Bible, just the same as this Bible here, written in there, just by measurements and so forth, measures out the Gospel and the Scripture just like we have It here. Enoch put it in there years and years before the antediluvian flood.
And then, God wrote three Bibles. God does everything in threes. He wrote three Bibles. He had three comings of Christ. There is three dispensations of grace. There's three persons in the Godhead, three manifestations of the one Person in the Godhead, rather. And all those things. See?
Now, like Jesus came the first time, He's been here once hasn't He? He come to redeem His Bride. He comes the second time to receive His Bride, catch her up, meeting in the air, and comes the third time with His Bride as King and Queen. See?
So then, then, there is three also, the three in the manifestations of God. God manifested Hisself once in the Fatherhood as He led the children of Israel. The next time God manifested Hisself was in the Sonship, the Lord Jesus Christ. The third time God manifested Hisself is with us now, the Holy Spirit. See, three manifestations, everything in the threes...
E-19    Now, then there is three comings of the Lord. The Lord Jesus came first to redeem His bride. He comes second to receive His bride. He comes third with His bride. See? See, we... Do--He don't come to the earth on the next coming; we're just caught up to meet Him in the air. See, the beautiful story of Rebekah and how that she got on the camel and went to meet Isaac with Eliezer, and--and Isaac, being the type of the--of Christ, the Son of God, which He was the son of Abraham who fell heir to all of Abraham's goods and all he had. He was out in the field in the evening time, wandering around out in the field when he saw the beautiful Rebekah coming on the camel. Oh, my, that just makes chills go through me.
The beautiful Rebekah, he'd never seen her; he never knew who she was; but Eliezer was hunting her up. And he found her by witness of the Holy Spirit. Told... He prayed and said, "God, give me favor today, that I may find a wife for my master." And then when Rebekah come to water the camels, which was the sign that she was willing to go, got on the camel and went to meet. And he was out in the field, half way, away from the father's house.

67-2    Now, then, this unwise virgin, when she went to buy oil--she was sent to buy oil. When she did, she found out that she was too late. Why? Why, friend? The seeds are done planted. See? There was three up to the Sodom time. There's always been a number of three all the time. There's three comings of Christ. He came once to redeem His Bride. He comes the next in the rapture to catch away His Bride. He comes again in the millennium with His Bride. Everything is in three. Threes is a perfect number. Five is the number of grace; seven, completion; twelve--worship; twenty-four--or--or forty--tempted; and fifty is the jubilee. The very word "Pentecost" means "jubilee, fifty." See?

14      See, He makes three Comings. He come in three Sons, Names. He come in a trinity; Father, Son, Holy Ghost. See, all of it the same Christ, the same God, all the time. Now, we know He come to bring three works of grace; justification, sanctification, baptism of the Holy Ghost. Everything, in God, is completed in three's.

15    And so He come, first, to redeem His Bride. He comes, second, as a Rapture, to take away His Bride. He comes, third, with His Bride, King and Queen; after, that's when many people are expecting the Coming.
But when He comes this time, hardly none but those who are ready will know when He comes. There'll just be an absence of people. They won't know what happened to them. They'll just be caught away, in a moment, and that they just come up missing. "Changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye." So just be ready for that. It'd be horrible some morning to miss a loved one, no one can find them. Wouldn't it be too bad to know it's done past and you missed it? So just keep before God.


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