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Joseph Branham Becomes A Subject Of A Sermon Instead Of Jesus Christ.

Posted: 16 November 2023

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The True Five-Fold Ministry  Part ll

And the same messenger said (means the message), You Spoke: (You is capital Y)... Joseph, thou (watch the use of the old English, 'thou') art a prophet. Watch the :a:   not the prophet but a prophet. Isn't that pointing to the message?

Here is what the prophet said...which what he said is the message isn't it.. So we point to this message...question is how many water this quote down to mean nothing....thereby splicing the meaning, taking away some and adding their own versions :

From that time P:116  [60-0716]
116  Father, I cannot say what it was. I do not know. You know my heart, that I'm only honest in what I'm saying. You bear me record, Father. And I'll... It's such a sweet place. God, when my days are done, I'd like to see little Joseph be a man that I could place this Bible in his hand. Because the day of his dedication, You spoke. Said, "Joseph, thou art a prophet." I pray, God, that You'll let double portion of the spirit on my boy. If You'll just let me live to win souls to You till I get old, then place--place this Bible over into the hands of my son, Joseph, and tell him to continue with the same Gospel. It would be a full life, Father.Nevertheless, when You're ready for me, amen. What a beautiful rest. I--I long to see that place again. Lord Jesus, may every one that's here tonight, every person that's heard the message tonight, may not a one of them be lost. But may everyone... I see them in there. Then when we run and throw our arms around one another, when there's no difference then between man and woman...

The Spirit caught me and say :

Having conferences P:72  [60-0608]
72  Friend, death does not change a man; it just changes your dwelling place. I've got a wife, very sweet wife, setting right there. I've got three little children, two little girls and a little boy, and Billy Paul. I want to live for them. But my first purpose is live for Christ, for my ministry.The second, I'd like to live long enough that I could see my little Joseph setting there become a minister; take the spirit that I shall leave him. May my spirit come upon him. When I dedicated him to God, standing there in his mother's arms... I don't know, there's ten or fifteen babies.
When I picked him up, the Spirit caught me and said, "Joseph, my son, you are a prophet." God, let my spirit come in a double portion on my son.

Now who inspired him to say.....because the prophet said, he was inspired to say.....Where did this inspiration came from?

Thirsting for life P:14  [57-0728]
14  Somehow, when I was in our church. Many of you sprinkle them in baptism, infant baptism; that's all right. We try to follow the Bible. Jesus picked up little children and blessed them. We dedicate them. And in dedication of the little boy at the altar, somehow, I was inspired to say, "Joseph, thou art God's prophet." And maybe when I leave, I pray that a double portion of the Spirit will come upon Joseph for the age to come, if there is one.

Not knowing what I say....so who said it for him....

Adoption or placing P:105  [60-0522E]
105  And the other night in the vision, there she come running to me. She said, "My blessed brother," and threw her arms around me. Oh, oh, brother, sister, it's changed me. I can never be the same no more. It's so real. It's just--it's just as real as I'm looking at you, just that real. So there's no fear. I may die before the night's over.I want to raise my little boy back there, Joseph. I want to see him in the pulpit, when I can take this Bible... When I get to a place I see Joseph in the pulpit preaching as a--as a young man filled with the Holy Ghost, anointed with the Spirit of God upon him... And I believe he'll be a prophet. The day when I--when I-when I saw him six years before he was born, you remember me telling you he was coming. Remember when I caught him right there at the side of the altar, not knowing what I was saying, dedicating babies, I said, "Joseph, thou art a prophet."

Just for some historical background...when VGR wanted to reinforce the franchise of the tapes...to prevent people splicing of the tape or selling the tape for a sum, as was decided by the Board of Trustee during Brother Branham's time..(You can hear these statements made by Brother Branham including the reading of the text by Brother Neville_)..there were at least 8 message ministers who wants to go to court with VGR (which VGR of course did not proceed as we are not to be judged by infidels...of civil courts.....The Bride is going to judge the whole world....so we should have that spirit of wisdom...

Sadly, I think at least 3 if not 4 of that group...had proclaimed they left the message....people like Tim Humes, Lance Leroux and Jeff Jenkins. Then there is this song leader of Cloverdale Rod Bergen who was a very rich businessman....in Canada... There are more who left...but they are  victims of their own delusions. The silliness of this Rod Bergen, who wasted his time and money trying to show the prophet plagiarised some of the great reformers theologians...No one ask this simple question, Can the Holy Spirit plagiarise His own work? Do they not understand that these theologians under the Power of the Man (REFORMERS)ministry (we have Lion, Ox, Man and Eagle), as was the Gospel of Luke, the Physician, have some part of the Holy Ghost and some part of the revelations...but imperfect until this Seventh Angel Messenger gave all the full details such as the Holy Spirit would allow. If you understand the Opening of the Seals, you would not even dare or even think that the prophet needed to plagiarise...when there were so many mysteries revealed, all the written ones as listed in the Scoffield Bible, plus some not even listed....means not  even recorded or identified by such theologians...Serpent Seed, Marriage and Divorce, Plymouth Rock for examples. And the Song of Solomon, the true story behind the chapters about the Shunamite girl and her Shepherd lover...Ha...if they had heard the tape, truly hear the tape, Future Home...they would have gotten that revelation. Alas, even if I am to print those revelation out, they would still be unable to see the truth....So why even bother....And to add more fire to them, how about interpreting Luke 14:16 to 21!!!!! Who was that servant??? They themselves?? Can they interpret the Bible which they claimed is their Absolute! And in revelation of the Fourth Seal, he mentioned the power of the Eagle ministry answering to the Fourth Pale Horse Rider with the name of DEATH...and that there are no more beast power to announce the combat in the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Seal (we talk about the Seventh Seal in another article) and that interpretation of this Fourth Seal is that the Church would be raptured in this Seal as the next Seal, the Fifth Seals deals with the Jews. (You get that from Larkin?_)

So it means it is not in them (unbelievers) nor of them, to believe the prophet, or the message. Just one original doctrine,  Water Baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus...identifies this message to be the only true message....for Elijah got to restore the Faith of the Children (today, we are the children) back to our fathers (The Apostles, our fathers in the faith) and you got to apply Acts 2:38 to get the Joel prophecy fulfilled. The Holy Spirit will fall on sons, daughters, menservants and maid servants, young men and old men of like precious faith. So the flip side of the Eagle message is the Four Horse Riders (group into the false baptism, and the trinitarian acts, the Whore and Harlots of Revelation 17 AND 18, and also Revelation 13, the Beast and the Image of the Beast with Ecclesiastical and Political powers)/ To me there is no such thing as leaving the message...Because once you are in, filled with the Holy Ghost, you will not go out of it...You are a redeemed product with an earnest (a downpayment, a Sealed product) and waiting for the Owner to take full possession. So they left because they were never IN. Without the baptism of the Holy Ghost, I don't see how they can understand or see the Message. A message that will forerun the Second Coming of Christ.

In my opening page of this website, I recorded and printed out Brother Lee Vayle introduction of how he came to be with Brother Branham especially when he read the news about Mystic Light over young local pastor in his Winnipeg Associated Press of the local papers. You can read this in my opening page....about him reading the Press release of "Mystic Light over local pastor...." Actually if you have the older tape, you can hear Brother Vayle's voice in the opening statement in the tape, Put on the Full Armour of God, 1962. But if you got the VGR version, that portion has been erased off. You know what the infamous critic replied? He said Brother Vayle witnessing the article in his local papers was also part of the conspiracy !!!???

Then there is this so called pastor...trying to speak wonderous sweetness, trying to appear sensible and reasonable to say that Brother Joseph has some qualities of a prophet but lack some other quality...so he concluded that Brother Joseph is not a prophet yet at his moment but that he could be a prophet if he get to show the missing qualities in future???? Brother, a prophet is born a prophet...and no  man can make him a prophet or undo his prophetic ministry, no matter how you want to cut it....Yes, this same man is interpreting the Absolute for his own selfish purpose which we know is not possible unless one is a prophet. If the bible being the absolute can be understood just by reading or studying.....as they so claimed....one just got to ask ourselves, why are there so many bible versions and so many sects and denominations and professors in great learning centres..each claiming they have the truth and each denouncing the real truth. Even this archaelogists claiming he found the lost ark, as he described what he thought he found, metal braces and a shape purported to be Noah's ark...when we know the bible never recorded Noah needed to use metals in his God inspired construction...The prophet said, it was hollowed wood pitched with some natural pitch, gummy tar  that when dried, made the Ark structure stronger than STEEL. Ah, another revelation that theologians don't know.

And mine, if you flip to some of these You-tube channels...they even make Brother Joseph the subject of their sermons. They would spent nearly half of their sermons time on why Joseph should not be a prophet, yet confessing Christ to be their head and the only One they would talk about (oops, they only gave Christ 50% of their time and half if not all about Joseph Branham.) They seemed to be obsessed with him, rather than be a fiend for Christ.  Even one of brother Joseph's distant family member...claimed falsely that his followers are going to make him the image to be worship as the great King Nebuchadnezzer....at first using Brother Branham as that image but switched it to Joseph Branham, when I clearly showed him, that Brother Branham said that image was not himself or his son or any other person, but an image of a Jesus as part of the Holy Trinity.....to be worship...That is the Image the world is wondering over...The image of the 2nd Person of the Trinity...a man made Statue....(Hear the Mark of the Beast). Remember the vision of the three unclean frogs...looking back at where that doctrine started ...So if another preach Two persons instead of Three...that is still an unclean spirit.  A two frogs version in the Laodicea Church Age. Organized religion in the whole world worshipping an image of their own making bowing to it utterly sold out lock stock and barrel to their imagination of the Identity of Jesus Christ....

They say, Brother Branham is not their absolute but the Bible is their absolute....so are they saying they are also prophets..to understand what the absolute say or that the Lord Jesus gave them direct revelations of the Absolute?  See how subtle these "message preachers" sugar coated the quotes.....They forgotten Amos 3:5-7 and yes, when you point out to them, they claimed they are not prophets...but yet can interpret the absolute.

What is a prophet? A prophet is the divine interpreter of the Word and Brother Branham also said, A prophet is the interpreter of the Divine Word. So how is the Bible going to be your absolute...when you cannot divinely interpret it. And if you say you can...and get your church people all worked up...not realising you are claiming the additional ministry of the Prophet ..and Pastor and Apostle, going round to other churches sowing their seed...and what's not.... All the nays...as the Serpent whisphered to Eve.

The two gods doctrine totally missed out on the three gods doctrine....if they advance further..like listening to these sermons, Christ the Mystery of God Revealed, the Mighty God Unveiled, The Unveiling of God (by the way, in this sermon, you hear about the 2nd role of the Seventh Angel Messenger Revealing the mystery of the Seven Thunders contained in the Seven Seals. And finally hear and understand the sermon The Masterpiece. Pick up who is that final Masterpiece. Yes, God above us, God with us and God in us (3 Gods?), or Jesus of the New Testament is Jehovah of the Old...or What God was, He poured into Christ and what Christ was, He poured into His Church. Ah, but these preachers who claimed they can interpret the bible will think of the verb pours...as if there was a container with it's contents,,,and pouring out to them means the content  being poured out...but the container is left....And these will fail the Word Test, had they listened to the prophet spoke out on the meaning of pouring....in the same tape, The Unveiling of God. And just search two greek words...like Kenos and Enmorphe. See, God is both the container and the content, so when God poured out...it was Enmorphe.... All of God poured into Christ and all of Christ poured into the Church. hear the prophet's sermon Jesus Christ, and in Him was the beginning of the Creation of God. He will explain to you how is God being Created.....Mine, the prophet explaining the Absolute ......like no other prophets in and through the Seven Church Ages......

For some of the written mysteries being revealed, they are listed out by him in his sermons, Sirs, Is this the Sign of the End? Preached on December 30th, 1962, the revealing of his vision of the visitation of the Seven Angels.....coming to him...in the next few months....and yes it happened as revealed...in March, the early week of March 1963. (read the articles on the Mysterious Cloud).

(I am in the process of completing this article soon, but decided to post it or upload it now...to wake up some of the foolish virgins..). And it looks like the article is getting a bit long, which may tire some good souls reading this, so I will continue this as Part 3 of the True Five Fold Ministries.  Below some quotes about what I speak above and yes, every statement made here can be fully substantiated with message quotes, not one but more than one.  For a start, read these below:-

Church order COD P:58 [63-1226]

58 230. What about the tapes? Now has... What about the tapes? (It's got a question mark) As, many are writing the office and blaming you for the action on the tapes. Also, about others around the church selling tapes, if Mr. Maguire has to pay royalties on them.All right. The tapes is by a contract. And if I... I don't know just exactly when the contract is expired, but the trustees, this belongs to the trustees, not the deacons, the trustees: not the pastor, trustees. The trustees, ever so often they--they write a contract, as I understand it. And if this--this is wrong, then the trustees correct. These trustees has an agreement with the person who is making the tapes, and the tapes are by a franchise.
No one else can make tapes unless it be permitted by the person that has the franchise, and they cannot be sold unless permitted by the person that has the franchise, because that's the law (See?), that the franchise holds it. See? And if the fran... The one who holds the franchise wants to let So-and-so make tapes, that's up to him. If he wants to let everybody make tapes, that's up to him; he wants everybody to sell tapes, that's up to the person who holds the franchise. He should have a--a little written note signed from the holder of the franchise to make and sell tapes, because then he's clear in the law; 'cause if he don't, the man that has the franchise on it... You'd be liable yourself to a... If there'd be a--a foul person that wanted to cause some trouble, he could really do it. You go over that franchise... 'cause that's just like a copyright (See?), the same thing; you're not allowed to do it. It's a great fine to do that.

Church order COD P:7 [63-1226]

7 Now, straight to the... And I would ask, that if ever a time that any of these things come into question, that this tape may be played before the members of this church (See?) at your meetings, or prior the meeting, just before the meeting start. Turn this tape on and play it. And may the congregation here understand that these men are duty bound to God, as their oath in this church, to help hold these principles. You may disagree with them; and if I let you run it, then I'll disagree with you. We've got to have some source somewhere where there's got to be a--an ultimate. And the best that I know, I'm giving it under the Holy Spirit, letting Him be my Ultimate. And let this tape be your ultimate on these questions.

(Editor: That's right. Did you read the last two statements....He is my Utlimate said the prophet, and what else? He said "And let this tape be your ultimate on these questions." Now who is our absolute...even Ultimate!!) Bible questions will have bible answers and message questions will have message and bible answers....That is Thus saith our prophet.

The Arizona Proposition ? What did he mean? And he tied it up to him saying, "People putting their own interpretation upon the Word as it's been given. Leave them alone he said, God will take care of it....Amen

Recognizing your day P:17 [64-0726M]

17 See, the--the Bible... God is not just... This is just not someone trying to--to press something to you, but to reveal to you the very spiritual application of this hour.And then, the next message... That opened up the Seven Seals, which undone all the hidden mysteries of the Bible, the doctrines and so forth, which the world so rudely attacks nowadays, attacks it and says it's wrong, this, that...
Here the other day in Arizona, splicing tapes to try to make me say things that I didn't say. Just remember the vision about the Arizona proposition. The Bible said it was far better for you that you had a rock at your neck. And another thing: "That whosoever (let him be preacher or what he will) will take one word away from It or add one word to It..." People putting their own interpretation upon the Word as It's been given, trying to make It say something that I did not say, and not my word, It's His Word. "Who shall add to or take away..."
And then in the vision we seen these prophets whirl down, as I explained to you, I believe, several Sundays ago. It'll all be. I said, "Just keep away from it." As long as I'm fighting it, then God can't fight it. But let's let Him have it. He's the One Who takes care of it. See?

To be continued....as Part 3



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