And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

    MARK 10:27

Into the Eye of the Prophet

Posted: 12 January 2014


Into the Eye of the Prophet.

(Luk 11:34) The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness.

(Luk 11:35) Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness.

(Luk 11:36) If thy whole body therefore be full of light, having no part dark, the whole shall be full of light, as when the bright shining of a candle doth give thee light.

First let me wish everyone who read this in the beginning of the year receives a double blessing of joy and peace in the Lord as another year passes us by and our body is single and whole, full of the light of the revealed Word of the hour. The Word from the end time prophet has gone forth and we are waiting for the last elect to come home into the fold before the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes with sudden destruction. It is when everyone is saying peace, peace that sudden destruction will come with such tragic destruction as was experienced by those in the southern part of the Philiippines two months ago.

Zec 3:9

(9) For behold the stone that I have laid before Joshua; upon one stone shall be seven eyes: behold, I will engrave the graving thereof, saith the LORD of hosts, and I will remove the iniquity of that land in one day.

We are thankful that God has spared our lives especially those whose livelihood was uprooted by the fearsome force of the Typhoon Haiyan in the Leyte Islands the southern eastern part of the Phillippines and vicinities last year, a force unleased with such fury that the complete town was devastated so unexpedtedly. Millions lost their homes. There was no time to flee because the calamity was sudden, without warning and unforseen. Those who survived had no time for moaning nor time to bury the dead. The need to go on living and rebuilding their lives for their loved ones overtook the tragic holocaust.

Their fortitude and resilience in the face of these mammoth torrential thunderstorm shine through because they knew they were spared from death. We are also thankful that the brethren throughout the world rose with equally compelling efforts and finance to help our brethren in need to rebuild their homes. See the following update:-

This is the reckoning signal that we must find shelter in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ before it is too late. The next destruction is going to be worst by fire... a nuclear fire that is going to engulf and consume the whole earth, there will be no survivals. Save only those who runneth into the Ark of Safety, the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As it was in the days of Noah and in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, God did send His prophet to forwarn of the oncoming judgment but true to form, they laughed at the messenger. Only the immediate family members were saved, a type of the 3 ½ years of tribulation where the two prophets will come, Moses and Elijah to bring out the 144,000. Noticed that prior to Noah's message, Enoch walked with God and was not. He was raptured. And prior to the two angels pulling out Lot and his family, there was another notable Angel of the Lord who stayed with Abraham, the elect. Both Enoch and Abraham were a type of the End Time Bride, the Elect and they had the comfort of the Word because they were part of that Word. The Word cannot be judged because the Word is the judgment. That is the Eye of the Prophet.

Last Sunday, I was led to talk about the poor cousin story in the Sixth Seal. What was she doing when she was given the promise that the young man, the inheritor of his father's business, the Armour Company promised to come back for her one year to the date he met her. The cousins were laughing at her because they could not believe the promise of the young man to come back and take her to her new home in Chicago. That promise was not given to the cousins, because they were not the elect lady. The promise was given only to his beloved Bride. She worked through the year, saving every penny she could to buy her wedding dress. What a sorry sight and preposterous moments the cousins must have felt. That poor girl putting on a wedding dress expecting the Bridegroom to come when he has not even appear for a year and had told no one that he is to return for her except for that one person, the foreman.

Oh yes, the foreman knew because he was the eye to watch over her to keep her safe and protected for that great day. And just before the night is over, at midnight, the thunderous clapping of the horses and the wedding train swept in. He took her into his loving arms told her how he had anticipated the day to come that she had to wait no longer. Her new home was ready. The sixth seal was the preparation seal for the seventh, which is His Coming. Now we know. That was the revealing of the secret of the hearts. The presence of the Angel of the Lord with the Elect because the elect will not be around when the events in the sixth seal unfold. There is no doubt the prophet was telling us the Seventh Seal was the Coming of Christ. Are you into the Eye of the prophet? Can you see what he was seeing? What he was showing? If yes, get ready with the wedding garment because you know you are the Bride. The Elect lady.

The prophet told us there were three aspects of this sixth seal. The three purging. Of the earth, the foolish virgins and the sealing of the 144,000 of the twelve tribes of Israel with two tribes missing, that of Dan and Ephraim, which were replaced with the Tribe of Joseph (Manasseh this side of the river) and the Levites.

That Man-Child was delivered to the woman who fled into the wilderness, her flight caused by the dragon, the enemy of the Jews, the Roman heirarchy, the Iron of the Image of Nebuchadnezzer which will not mix with the clay. That Roman system is still around and the political empire became a religious order. Still persecuting the woman until the time of restitution when the two prophets come on the scene, their signs and miracles identify them to be Elijah (famine, draought) and Moses (water turned into blood, sun into darkness, moon becomes red). The dragon gave its power to the image of the beast to speak like the beast and we know that image was formed in Revelation chapter 13, the country founded on almost unoccupied land, the last place of refuge for nearly 800 years, a symbol of an animal that looks like a lamb, with two horns, docile and not vicious, but two horns representing a political and an ecclesiastical horn and will speak like the beast, Rome. Did not that eye of the prophet spoke of Eisenhower (in Russian, Eisen means Iron) and Kruschev (in Russian means Clay), that in the cold war which followed the second world war, two feet came up, the NATO pack and the Warsaw pact, both led by a big toe, the US and Russia with the initial five league nations....that when the ambassador of Phillippines caused Kruschev to knock his shoe on the rostrum spilling the dust from his feet....clay! (see the shoe banging incident and the fake picture, no doubt adding theatrics to the actual incident, where he was observed to took off his shoe)

 Nikita Khrushchev's shoe-banging incident allegedly occurred at some point in autumn 1960 (on 23[1] or 29 September,[2][3] or on 12[4] or 13[5] October) during the 902nd Plenary Meeting of the UN General Assembly held at the United Nations.

Some sources claim Khruschev pounded his shoe on his delegate-desk in protest of a speech by Philippine delegate Lorenzo Sumulong. Others argue Khrushchev was responding to the British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan.[1][2][3]

Though all parties are in agreement that Khrushchev was enraged by both Sumulong's and Macmillan's speeches, and loudly denounced them, there are no photographic or video records of the incident available.[5] There is at least one fake photographic depiction of the incident, where a shoe was added into an existing photograph.[6]

What a far cry today from that amateurish almost now considered comical incident but that was not comic. It was a sign of the fulfillment of the dream of Nechuchadnezzr, the image of Gold which trickled into Iron and Clay before that image, the Gentile Kingdom was smashed by the stone cut off from the Mountain made without hands... the Word of God as delievered through this prophet, the ending of all worldly system to user in the Millenium.

How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation that God forwarned us before the impending disaster. Or will the world take it like those poor folks who died in the Typhoon Haiyan disaster? Oh, it is going to be just another storm....we are used to it.........never mind...if we die we die say many in their sudden death bed. They have forgotten how they had pulled through one sickness after another, and almost died alone in a dark hospital bed with no solace or words of comfort.

Are you that elect lady? Have you received the promise? Are you ready with that wedding garment? If not, listen to this and know what you must now do:-



« 299 † Now, to the rest of you here now; as they move out, why not you move right up here now again, for prayer. And we fill this place up again, around here now.
300 We're going in there to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. We're going in.

301 After we've seen the identification of that Lord Jesus here before us, this week, and know beyond a shadow of doubt, that that's Him here. Now remember, the same Holy Spirit, the same Jesus that would tell me what was the matter with those people, where they were, who they were, where'd they come from, what's going to happen to them. And you know it never failed one time; and it never will, never will. That same Holy Spirit told me to do this. That's right. I'm doing it by the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

« 302 † Now while this, as soon as this group gets out in this other room here, before we go over there, we want you to come now. You here, come, move up this way now. The rest of you here that wants the baptism of the Spirit, won't you come right now. Move up this a way. God bless you, young man. And if some of you are sick, and not filled with the Holy Ghost, why don't you come receive Christ, receive Him and then you'll stand better tonight.

303 This lady was just stricken down by the... she so under conviction like she couldn't stand it. They're helping her to the room. Come on now, you, next of you here now. There is plenty of room standing around now. Come on up, you that's church members, Methodists, Baptists. We're not asking you to...

« 304 † Listen, friends, I know they say, "Pentecost, they organized pentecost." That's wrong.
305 Pentecost is an experience. The Methodists get It. The Baptists get It. All of them get It. Pentecost is not organized. It's an experience. And if you haven't had the experience of pentecost, come receive It now. Remember, if you believe me to be His servant, His prophet, remember, there is a genuine baptism of the Holy Ghost. Right in the midst of all the fanaticism, there is still a genuine Holy Ghost Birth, a genuine born of God. You come, believe It right now.

« 306 † Won't you come while we sing just one, two more verses of this song, so I can be sure that my soul is clean when I leave this city now, the blood won't be upon it? I know He is speaking to others. Why don't you come?
"... -ded" now to... today;
God bless you, little boy. God bless you all standing here now.
"Al-..." (That's right. Come up.) "... -most persuade,"
307 Come on, from any side of the building. Outside, inside, balconies, wherever, come right on down now, right down here. Take your place for Christ. Don't be ashamed of Him. If you were dying; what if you felt your heart skipping right now? And, remember, that One that's speaking to you, He holds your heart in His hand. He knows the secret of your heart. I say it in the Name of the Lord, there is many more here to come. Why don't you come? You say, "Is it me, Brother Branham?" Yes, it's you. If you're not positive, don't take no chance.
... so dear; O wanderer, come.
"Almost persua-..." (That's it. That's it.) "... -ded," harvest...
That's right, harvest is about passed. Come on.


308 One day, it'll be too late. Don't wait another hour, another minute. Get right up and come on. Young man, bring your girlfriend. Bring your boy friend. Mother, bring dad. Come on, right now, everybody. Young lady, young man, whoever you are; old man, old woman, come on. This is it. If you're old, remember what I just showed you, by the Bible, you're going to be changed if you'll just accept the Seed of Abraham.
... is but to fail!
Sad, sad, that bitter wail: "Almost, but lost!"
Let us bow our heads now.


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