A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

    PROVERBS 18:16

How Audience Worldwide Response to the Prophetic Ministry

Posted: 24 March 2018


The Lord bless you, brother. Good morning, friends. It’s very hot, to be in the tabernacle this morning, but very glorious to be here. So glad that we could—could get in today for this service. And have given out that I’d have a study now on this Seventy Weeks Of Daniel. That ties in the rest the Message before I can go with the—the Seven Seals. Which is, Seven Seals; Seven Plagues; Seven Trumpets; Three Woes; the woman in the sun; casting out of the red devil; the hundred and forty-four thousand sealed away; all happens between this time. And I thought I’d have to get this in first.

2 Now, it’s hot. We don’t aim to stay too long, just as we can. And this is the season, usually, off-season, that when people don’t have church too often. And, especially, and all of them has got air-conditioned rooms, and so forth, where it’s comfortable. We wish we had that, but at this time we don’t have it.

3 Many of our forefathers set out in a hot sun. When I think of apologizing to the people for not having an air-conditioned room, my thoughts always drift back to Africa where they laid there in those storms, and them women with their hair hanging down in their face, lay there both day and night, never leave the spot from where they’re laying; don’t eat, drink, nor nothing, stay right there just to catch a Word, or two, now and then, of the Lord.

4 I can think of Mexico when it’s so hot that, honest, I set in an air-conditioned room and tried to fan myself, it was so hot. And see them people come there at nine o’clock in the morning, in that big arena, and no seats, to set down. Sick people, real sick, dying, sick; cancer, tumor; and sick mothers, little, dying babies and everything, stand right there in that boiling hot sun, not a shade nowhere, and just lean against one another from nine o’clock at morning till nine that night, just to hear thirty minutes through an interpreter, and see the works of the Lord. Set there and wait, big old heavy garments on, they wear them winter and summer. That’s all they got.

5 And then I think of laying out there in those jungles, how they’d bring those sick people in, that couldn’t even move. And in India, when they’d pile one down, then lay one on top of that one, one on top of that one, like that, with leprosy and diseases; where they’d drag them through, and out of the streets, and lay them in that hot, boiling, tropical suns. In the storms, and lightning a flashing, and things like that, they’d lay right there in that sun and storm, and everything, and never move or complain, just…and try to catch a Word of God, now and then, something for their soul. Then why should we apologize this morning, with a roof over our head, fans a going? We should be ashamed if we complain about it.

6 So I remember not long ago, in an island, one of the islands out in the South Seas, I was having a service there that night. And, oh, it come up a storm. Oh, I never seen such a storm, just one flash of lightning after the other one, lighten up the country. And how the winds a blowing until the trees was laying right on the ground. I said, “Well, they’re…I might as well take off my suit, because there’ll be nobody down there.”

7 In a few moments the little car backed up to the door, and someone knocked at the door, ready to go. And I said to the boy, he could speak English, I said, “Anybody down there?” Said, “You can’t even get within city blocks of the place,” on a big ball park. And I said, “You mean that the people are—are out there like that,” I said, “all this storm?” They said, “They want to hear about God.”

8 And—and so I went down there. And there were ladies, young girls, teen-agers, not snickering and laughing, and popping chewing gum, and talking about their boy friend. Every Word, they just lay onto It; and never move, just set and listen. Make an altar call, make just an altar call, and thousands raised, with tears streaking out of their eyes like that, with their hands up to God, wanting mercy for their soul, young girls and boys, seventeen, eighteen years old. Now it’s kind of hard to get the old folks to even listen, you see. It—it shows that we haven’t got nothing to complain about. Thanks be to God! Yes, sir.

9 We’d like to have it all modern like the rest of America, but we haven’t got it that way; so we’ll just make out with what we got.

10 Now, I got a little thing that I noticed that I’d like to do here in the tabernacle again. How many has got Bibles, raise your hand. Good. Let’s turn to Psalms 99 before we have prayer. We used to do this, Brother Neville, years ago. I don’t know whether…Have you already read a Psalm this morning? [Brother Neville says, “No.”—Ed.] No. I just like to, the congregation, to read some of the Psalm.

11 This morning, when I was setting in my study room, meditating on this Message and Word, I thought, “You know, it’d be good again to have—have them all to read a Psalm. I like it so well.” The reason I was just a little late, a long distant call they had me, from Cheyenne, so that’s the reason I was.

12 And now, while we’re turning to this Psalm, I have some announcements to be made, that was just give me. That’s Psalms 99.

13 “From henceforth, all announcements concerning meetings here at the tabernacle, and in the campaigns, will come from the office at Jeffersonville. Anyone desiring to know of the meetings must file out, or give their name and address, and lay it on the pulpit at the close of the service tonight. A notice will be sent to you in time for you to make arrangements for to attend the meetings.” That is, if anybody in the future wants to know just where we’re going to have meetings, we have a system set up, at the office out there now, that you can just lay your name and address here. And we’ll send you a card, in head of time, so that you’ll know where the meetings are going on, and probably the subjects, and whatmore there is, if you could get a chance. You see, if you don’t have some official place it comes from, one says this and one says that, you—you don’t get it, you see. So just let…Make out your name and address and lay it up here, and Billy Paul will pick it up and will give it out.

14 Now, it was asked, also, if there will be any more… “Brother Branham, will you have any more healing services in the tabernacle, with discernments?” No. No. The discernments will be given by—by our other board. We have Brother Neville here now who has a gift of prophecy, that prophesies over the sick and makes known to them the things that they have need of knowing. And we have a brother by the name of Higg-…Higginbotham, one the…was a trustee, served faithfully on the board. I don’t see him this morning, but he usually has a gift of speaking in tongues. And a little lady named Arganbright, lovely little sister who has a gift of interpretation of tongues.

15 And these messages are proving out to be of God, because they are actually not coming out of order, they’re just set in order. And soon as these gifts begin to accumulate, we’re going to try to—to get the…to get it set right back into the church, way of doing it. And I’m to see them pretty soon, and so that the—that the—the meetings will be carried on just perfectly in the order of the Lord, as we can get it perfectly.

16 But these dear people, so says my neighbor, Mrs. Wood, who has a microphone hooked up here, and a tape back there, to tape the meeting, just purposely to get those messages, and write them down, and see whether they are right or not. See? That’s how she is checking them. I know Mrs. Wood to be an honest woman. And she is telling me of many things that’s been said, are coming to pass.

17 Now, so we’re grateful for that. What a relief that is for me at home, when I come in home, then. That discernment on the prophetic side just tears me down, and, therefore, God has sent me some relief for that, through prophecy, and speaking in tongues, and interpretation, which is prophecy. Which, is prophecy, to speak in tongues. There is two different people prophesying. One speaking, the other one understanding what the one is saying in unknown tongues, is exactly prophecy. And now we’ll be…We have that every day, every meeting here when we have our prayer lines in the meeting.

18 Now, there is someone then would ask, did…about the gift. Yes, I still have it. But that way, only way I use it, is on private interviews, which I have. And, to obtain them, I believe they got it on the bulletin board back there, to get permission and set your time in order, by Billy Paul, my boy, for here or in the meetings after this. Out in the fields, anywhere, you must have a little card that Billy Paul will give you. If there’s something in life that you cannot understand, and don’t know how to get out of it, and you’re seeking the wisdom of the Lord, then let…See Billy Paul, my son, which is the secretary, and he will give you a little card, and set you a date, at a time. And then when we’re having those interviews, then that will be when we’ll go in together, just you and I. And if it’s women coming, you’ll go in with me and my wife. And then you…We will find out, and seek the Lord and ask Him what must you do.

19 Now, other, minor cases and so forth like that, is given over to Brother Neville, and Brother Higginbotham, and Sister Arganbright, and the others who speaks with tongues and interpret, which is here in the church.

20 Therefore, we’re like the journey. I believe it was Jethro, said to Moses one day, see, “Let’s take some elders.” “And the Spirit of God was taken off of Moses and put on seventy of the elders, and they prophesied. But just the major and hard things come to Moses alone.” Now, we’re not Moses, neither are these the elders, but we’re still serving the Jehovah God, with the same Pillar of Fire leading us to the promised Land. So, then, yes, there will be other, be meetings and will be the interpreta-…The discernments will come. That will be giving me a chance then to be in prayer and study, the days that I know that these interviews will come, and be ready for them.

21 Now remember, Billy Paul Branham, our field secretary, will…It’s on…Bulletin is on the board back there, by the trustees. I’ve got a note here to announce that, and to tell the people they might read it on the bulletin board, going out.

22 Now, now, this morning we have a great lesson, and tonight we’ll try to continue it on. And, if the Lord willing, next Sunday, another, into it. I didn’t know how deep it was getting until I got to studying it. And still it’s a mystery to me, yet, and so I’m just depending on the Lord.

23 Now, you with your Bibles, let’s turn to Psalms 99, 99. And I will read the 1st verse, the congregation read the 2nd verse, then all together we’ll read the last verse. We continue on; me, the 1st; congregation, the 2nd; me, the 3rd; congregation, the 4th; on to the last verse, and then we’ll all read it together. Shall we stand as we read the Word of God. [Brother Branham and congregation read Psalm 99:1-9 as he has indicated—Ed.]

The Lord reigneth; let the people tremble: he sitteth between the cherubims; let the earth be moved.
The Lord is great in Zion; and he is high above all the people.
Let them praise thy great and terrible name; for it is holy.
The king’s strength also loveth judgment; thou dost establish equity, thou executest judgment and righteousness in Jacob.
Exalt ye the Lord our God, and worship at his footstool; for he is holy.
Moses and Aaron among his priests, and Samuel among them that call upon his name; they called upon the Lord, and he answered them.
He spake unto them in the cloudy pillar: they kept his testimonies, and the ordinances that he gave them.
Thou answeredst them, O Lord our God: thou wast a God that forgavest them, though thou tookest vengeance of their inventions.
Exalt the Lord our God, and worship in the holy hill; for the Lord our God is holy.

24 Let us bow our heads.

Truly, Lord, these Words are written and penned by Thy servant, David, in a Psalm unto Thee. Thou does dwell between the Cherubims. Thou art holy, and Thy hill is holy. Let us draw nigh with our hearts sprinkled with the Blood of the Lord Jesus, with a pure conscience, and with faith and assurance that we are coming into the Presence of our God. Let all this audience this morning be reverent. Open up our ears of understanding. Speak through us, in wisdom, that we might know how we must behave ourselves in these days and in Thy Presence.

   61-0730M - Gabriel's Instructions To Daniel
   Rev. William Marrion Branham


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