Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

    HEBREWS 13:8

Extract from "Is Your Life Worthy of the Gospel"

Posted: 11 August 2018


158 Now watch. When He came into the world, when there was more, as much unbelief in the world right then as there ever was, it didn’t even slow Him up. He went right on preaching just the same, and healing just the same. Never bothered Him. There was critics. The Man was criticized from the time He was a baby until He died on the cross. Did it stop Him? No, sir. What was His goal? “Always do that which the Father has written. Always do which pleased Him.”

159 Look at Jesus. Talk about us humbling ourselves? When God Himself became a baby, instead of coming in a_a little crib somewhere in a decent home, was born out there over a manure pile in a stable, amongst bawling calves. They wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, was off the neck of a yoke of an ox. The poorest of the poorest, and, yet, the Creator of heavens and earth. 160 One cold, rainy night, they said, “Master, we’ll go home with You.” 161 He said, “The foxes has holes, and the birds has nests, but I don’t even have a place to lay My head.” God, Jehovah, humbled Himself and become a Man; represented in sinful flesh, to redeem you and me. Who are we then? He was our example. Who am I? Nothing.

162 I was telling someone, this afternoon, in a little meeting. I said, “Every son that’s born of God has to be tried, first, chastened.” I remember when I had mine, or my greatest hour. When a_when a man is born again, there’s a little spot, like size of his fingernail, that God injects into him, system, and it falls into his heart and there anchors. Then Satan makes him prove it. And if that ain’t there, you’re gone.

163 I remember there in the hospital, I was about twenty-two years old, twenty-three, maybe, along, was a young man. And my father, dying in my arms, and me talking to God as a healer. And my own father in a heart attack, laid his head in my arm, and me praying for him; and see him turn those eyes and look at me, and falled off, to go to meet God. I took him over and buried him by the side of my brother, and the flowers was still fresh on his grave, and me preaching a God that heals the sick. Working for the Public Service Company, for twenty cents an hour, and my wife working  out here at the shirt factory; to help us make a living for our little eighteen-months-old boy, Billy Paul, and an eight-month-old child that she was packing. I seen Sister Wilson nod her head. She remembers that; Roy Slaughter and some of the old-timers.

164 What did I do? Walked the streets, with a sandwich in my hand, come down off the pole, and testifying to everybody come by, about the love of Jesus Christ. Go to their garage and ask them if I could use it, talk to mechanic. Go in there, say, “Men, have you ever been saved yet? I found something in my heart.” Go into grocery stores at nighttime. Come home at two or three o’clock in the morning, from making sick calls all night long. Couldn’t^Just set down, change and put on my work clothes. And set there in the chair and rest till daylight, get up and go. And so thin, from fasting and praying, till I have to pray to put my spurs on, to get up a pole. Preaching, and preaching, “God was great, God was mercy, God was love,” to the people. And, here, my daddy dying on my arms. And my brothers died, was killed while I was stand in the pulpit down here at this little, colored Pentecostal church, preaching. Come told me, “Your brother was killed up on the highway. A car hit him and killed him.” His own brother’s blood dripping off his shirt, where he picked him up on the highway. Right after I buried him, my daddy died. Then, there laid my wife out there.

165 And I went, come over here at this tabernacle. From off this, where this platform stands, told the people, six months before it happened, “There’ll come a flood. And I seen an Angel take a rod, and measure, ‘Twenty-two feet over Spring Street.’” Sandy Davis and them setting here, laughed, said, “It was only about eight or ten inches in 1884, boy. What’s talking to you?”

166 I said, “It’ll be. Because, I seen one of them trances, and It told me so. And it’ll be there.” And there’s a mark on Spring Street, today, at twenty-two feet of water. I said, “I rode over the top of this tabernacle in a boat.” And I did.
167 During that time, my wife got sick. I prayed for her. And I come to the tabernacle, the people was waiting on her. I said, “She’s dying.” “Oh, it’s just your wife, that.”
168 I said, “She’s dying.” I went over there and prayed and prayed and prayed. And I’d hold my hands out. She took a hold my hand. She said, “Billy, I’ll meet you in the morning, stand over There.” Said, “Get the kiddies together and meet me at the Gate.” 

169 I said, “Just start hollering, ‘Bill.’ I’ll be There.” See? And she went out. I laid her down there in the morgue. Went up home, to lay down. And when I did^Little Billy Paul was staying with Mrs. Broy and them, so sick. The doctor expect him to die at any time. Me praying for Billy. And here come Brother Frank and got me. Said, “Your baby is dying, the little girl.”
170 I went out the hospital. Doctor Adair wouldn’t let me go in, said, “She got meningitis. You’ll take it back to Billy Paul.” Had the nurse give me some kind of a red stuff to take, for some kind of an anesthetic, of something to quieten me. And I had them to leave the room, throwed it out the window. Slipped out the back door, went down the basement. There laid the baby there, before the hospital, the isolated ward, flies all in her little eyes like that. I took the old mosquito bar, shooed them away, and put it over her. I got down, I said, “God, there lays my daddy and brother, yonder, and the flowers on their grave. There lays Hope, laying yonder. And here is my baby, dying. Don’t take her, Lord.”

171 He just pulled down the curtain, as if say, “Shut up. I don’t want to hear you, at all.” He wouldn’t even talk to me.
172 Then, if He wouldn’t talk to me, it was Satan’s time. He said, “And I thought you said He was a good God. What’s all this you’re hollering about? You’re just a boy. Look around, over the city. Every girl and every boy you ever associated with think you’ve lost your mind. You have.” Now, he couldn’t tell me there’s no God, ’cause I had already seen It. But he told me He didn’t care for me.
173 Set all night long, all day long. I said that to God, “What have I done? Show me, Lord. Don’t let the innocent have to suffer for me, if I done wrong.” I didn’t know He was trying me. But every son that comes to God has got to be tried. I said, “Tell me what I’ve done. I’ll make it right. What have I done but preach all day long, all night long, and just give Him my life, constantly? What have I done?” Satan said, “That’s right. You see, now, when it comes to you, and you’ve told all of them that you believe that He’s a great healer, and there lays your baby laying there, dying. He refuses to even hear. Your wife died with tubercular pneumonia. You said He could heal cancers, and there He is. Now, you talk about Him being good, and how good He is to people. What about you?”

174 Then I begin to listen to him. That’s reasoning. I thought, “That’s right.”  Said, “He can tell. He don’t have to speak the Word. Just look to your baby, and it would live.” I said, “That’s right.” “And as much as you’ve done for Him, and yet that’s what He does for you.”
175 I said, “That’s right.” I begin to think. “Well, what?” See? Everything begin to break away, when it come to reasonings. But, when it come to That, That hung. It stayed there. I was just about ready to say, “Then I’ll quit.” But when it got down till all the reasoning powers had broke away, then it come to that Eternal Life, that new Birth. What if It hadn’t have been there? What if It hadn’t have? We wouldn’t have knowed one another the way we do now. This church would not been here like this, the thousands and millions around the world. But, thank God, It was there.
176 Then when I thought, “What? Who am I, anyhow? Who am I, to question His majesty? Who am I, to question the Creator that give me my very life here on earth? Where did I get that baby? Who give it to me? Not mine, anyhow. He just loaned her to me, for a while.” I said, “Satan, get away from me.” I went over, laid my hand on the baby. I said, “God bless you, sweetheart. In a minute, daddy will take you down, put you on mommy’s arms. The Angels will pack your little soul away. And I’ll meet you in that morning.” I said, “Lord, You give her to me. You’re taking her away. Though You slay me, like Job said, yet, I love You and I believe You. If You send me to hell, I’ll love You, anyhow. I can’t get away from that.” There you are. Just been intellectual, it’d all broke away. But you got to have personal relationship. You’ve got to be born again.

177 That’s the reason ministers get away, great charges and things. They say, “There’s no such a thing as Divine healing. No such a thing as these things.” They’ve never been on that sacred ground, as I was speaking this morning. They know nothing of It. How can they say that they’re children of God, and deny the Word of God? How can you do it, denying the very Holy Spirit that bought you? 178 Oh, just remember, Jesus humbled Himself, to death, for you. He was not fussy. When they spit in His face, He didn’t spit back. When they pulled His beard out, He didn’t pull at theirs. When they slapped Him on one side the face, the other, He never slapped them. He prayed for them, walked on, humbly. He was an example of humility. 

179 He was full of faith. Why? He knowed His Words couldn’t fail. He so lived by the Word till He became the Word. O God! Let me hold my both hands to God, before this audience. Let me live like that. Let this Word so become, that me and this Word is the same thing. Let my words be this Word; let the meditation of my heart. Let Him be in my heart, on my mind. Tie His commandments upon the post of my intelligence. Tie them upon the post of my heart. Let me just see Him. When temptation rises, let me see Christ. When things goes wrong, let me just see Him. When I get ready, and the enemy try to make me get angry, let me see Jesus. What would He do?
180 He was so much in the Word, till Him and the Word became the selfsame thing. Watch.
181 He didn’t have to fuss. He knew He and the Word was the same. He knowed that He was God’s Word made manifest, and that God’s command would finally conquer the world. He knowed that, His Word. He had faith. He knowed where He was at. He didn’t have to discuss, and say, “Here, you can come over here.”
182 Devil said, “Now, look, You can perform miracles. You know You got great faith. You can perform miracles. I’ll build You a building, twice size of Oral Roberts’. Cause, the people all^The_the only thing You have to do, show them. Jump off this building here, just go right down, because it’s written, see, ‘The Angels bear Thee up, lest any time dash a foot against a stone.’” See? He knowed He had power. He knowed that He could do it. He knew it was in Him, but He didn’t want to use it till God told Him to. See? He want it to be God in Him, be the Word in all. And He knowed that, when He spoke anything, that it was God’s Word; and though heavens and earth pass away, that Word would some day conquer.

183 He wasn’t fussy and stewy. He spoke just the Words of God. Every Word that come from His lips was God’s anointed Word. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could say that, “My word and God’s Word is the same. What I say, He honors it, because I do nothing till He tells Me first”? Oh, there is your example. There is a life worthy of the Gospel.
184 Not those priests that was so educated and polished, and having all those great dignities, and stand and make long prayers, and devour widow houses, and devour the high seats in the_in the congregation, all these things there. They was^That wasn’t a life worthy of the Gospel.


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