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Authenticity of the Church Age Book

Posted: 10 March 2021



Though this volume will concern itself with various major doctrines (such as the Godhead, Water Baptism, etc.) found in Revelation, chapters One through Three, its main theme is the setting forth of a detailed study of the Seven Church Ages. This is necessary in order to study and understand the rest of the Revelation, for out of the Ages come the Seals, and out of the Seals come the Trumpets, and out of the Trumpets come the Vials. Like the first burst of a Roman candle, the Church Ages come forth with a mighty initial illumination, without which there could be no further light. But once the brilliance of the Seven Church Ages is given by Divine revelation, light upon light follows, until the whole of the Revelation opens wide before our wondering eyes; and we, edified and purified by its Spirit, are made ready for His glorious appearing, even our Lord and Saviour, the One True God, Jesus Christ.
This composition is set forth in the first person as it is a message from my heart to the hearts of the people.
Particular pains have been taken to capitalize all names and titles, nouns and pronouns, etc., that relate to Godhead, and also the words Bible, Scripture, and the Word, as we hold this only proper in speaking of the majesty and Person of God and His Holy Word.
I pray the blessing of God upon each reader; and may illumination by the Spirit of God be each one’s special portion.

Rev William Branham

25 And then The Seven Church Ages has been finished (Is that right, Brother Vayle?) and on print now. And I know you’ll want to get them, ’cause they answer a lot of questions that’s been in your hearts. And then after that, well, we’re going to try to get the Seven Seals opened, you know, in the book, so that each one can read in form that they—that they want to, can understand and study it. I think when it’s wrote out, if it… 26 First, we took it right off of the tape, the way it was written or spoken. You know, you can preach a sermon, is one thing, and then write a book is another. See, like I’d happen to touch on a subject, like I’d say to you, you’d understand, I’d say, “Now, the serpent’s seed,” see. Well, now, the reader of that book, if you took that off, would wonder, “What is the serpent’s seed?” See? And they wouldn’t know. If that happened to go into such a place like Princeton or somewhere, and they—they would think we were unintelligent people. So I got Brother Vayle to kind of help me with this and keep the line of the same thought, and give it grammar. And I’m sure my grammar they would…It would be a mystery to them, sure enough. So the…Brother Vayle is really good on that, so he’s as a… 27 And then, in that, I think our precious brother must have picked up a little extra inspiration, somehow, and he said he was going to write a couple of books of his own, off of them, like. And so he wrote one called, I believe, The Twentieth-Century Prophet, and another one, Laodicea Church, I believe, or something like that. 28 And Billy told me that, tonight, that I believe several thousand of them arrived today; somebody brought them from Texas. And so, they, they’ll be here. And they’ll announce it, I think, whatever they are. I think they’re sponsored. I’m not sure. And if they are, they’ll be given away to you, you see, too, free. And we hope you enjoy it. And if you do, shake Brother Vayle’s hand back there and tell him how much you appreciate it. I’ve never read it, myself. If I would read them, I might change my mind about that, so I’ll try to read them this week while I got a chance, if I can.  

65-0217 – A Man Running From The Presence Of The Lord

Rev William Branham

49 Is Dr. Lee Vayle in this morning? I wanted to ask if Dr. Lee Vayle…Are you here, Brother Vayle? Raise up your hand if you are. Is he in the back? All right, thank you, Brother Roy. And I want you to be sure to check those notes, Brother Vayle. You’re somewhere in the crowds back there that I can’t see, or in the hall. We have to watch, can’t let too many stand, the fire marshal won’t let us do that, you see, and so we are. I want you to check my revelation on Serpent’s Seed, to be injected into the first, Ephesian Church Age that he’s writing, regrammarizing it for me. Beautifully done! And I want you to check that and let somebody say something against the Serpent’s Seed now (whether it was right, or not)! So the Lord just gave it to me yesterday, see. Oh, it’s beyond! How I get a message, I’ll be going along and Something strikes me. Then…And if I know it’s God, I’ll take it over and find it in the Scripture. Then I have…It’s never failed, but, from Genesis to Revelation, run true, no matter what people think about It. And it’s been more so than ever since those Seven Seals. See, that did it that time. So the Lord bless you now as we study. Now in respects to the Word…   

64-0816 – Proving His Word

Rev William Branham

Editor :: The part where he said, (If I would read them, I might change my mind about that, so I’ll try to read…) Some Old generation ministers had taken this to mean, the CAB book, but had they listened to the tape, they would know, it was spoken in a light hearted manner, and he was commenting on Brother Vayle’s two books, 1) The Laodicean Church Age (which is verbatim to the CAB of the same subject) and 2) Twentieth Century Prophet. (that he might change his mind after he read the Twentieth Century Prophet, not that he did not read the CAB). He was jesting like maybe Brother Vayle would have glorified him rather than the Lord, But today, this book is still given out by Voice of God showing that the prophet endorsed the book.  As usual, when this was pointed out to these wannabe’s preachers, they stuck to their own version, and discouraged people to consider the CAB as anointed. Saying that there are errors. In fact as early as before the 60’s he was planning for this book all along.

«  63       †          Now I’m writing a book, my commentary on the first four chapters of Revelation, hope to have it out pretty soon. It’ll be a large book. Then I’ll have a brochure of each church age.

«  139       †          In the Book of Revelation, as I’m writing, one man who is translating or grammarizing… My grammar is so poor, I‘ve got a–a good scholar to grammarize it, put the right nouns and pronouns together. Which, I don’t know which is the difference between a noun and a pronoun. But, but he does, and he is putting them all… I know, only thing I know, God gives It to me and I just write It down, see. And, they, they have to put it so if it goes into schools and things, they–they know that can read it more in their way of understanding. And then the writer said to me, the grammar, the man that’s grammarizing it, said to me, he said, “But, Brother Branham, we find in the Pergamos church age… That, Jesus said here, ‘he that overcometh, I will give him the Morning Star.’ Give him the Morning Star?” He said, “Now how could he get the Morning Star, when Jesus said, Himself, that He is the Morning Star?”

«  140       †          See, all those seeds of Abraham are reflected by stars. They different one from another, and we’ll different one from another. And Jesus is that Morning Star, the brightest of all of them. But we find Him, in Revelation 1, with seven stars in His hand. He interprets that, and said, “These seven stars are the seven angels to the seven churches, or the seven church ages that’s coming.”
141    Then he said, “How could it be then, if they got the Morning Star?”
142    I said, “The stars that were in His hand were only the reflection stars from the Morning Star, see, for the messenger of that day had the Word.” And He is the Word; he just had the portion for that day. And the people that’s ready to come away from the world systems and world things, and walk with Him, sees the reflection of the Morning Star through the messenger of that age. As He did through Noah and through Moses, and so forth, as He reflected the Old Testament, finally they all arrived to One. And so will it at the end of the church ages, it’ll all arrive back to Jesus, that He is the Word.

«  143       †          We as Christians are only reflecting Him. The moon only reflects the sun, in its absence. And the believer only reflects the Son of God, in the absence of the Son of God. It’s the Light of the Bible, the Scriptures, being vindicated in our lives, the Word that makes Light in darkness. You are candles that sets upon a hill. That ain’t the sun; it’s a candle. The candle just takes the place of the sun, just shows a certain amount of light. We are God’s children, we are sons and daughters of God, only by the Spirit with portion. He had It without a portion. We are a star that’s shining, all of us together make a Light to the world, but He is the entire Son that reflects the Light to every star. Hallelujah! I believe Him. God help my unbelief!

«  320       †          You know, Jesus said, “It’ll come to pass that they’ll even kill you, thinking they’re doing God a service.” Wait till this new book of mine comes out. They shot at some people, the other night, for saying that it was wrong to unite the Roman Catholic church with the Protestant. Three shots went through a building, of a friend of mine, just barely missed them. Wait till this book gets in circulation. Don’t think they are sinning; they think they’re doing the right thing. They think they’re–they’re doing that for a cause for God, not knowing it.
321    The Jews killed Jesus, thinking they were doing the right thing, because their church doctrine said He was wrong. Oh, said for them He… “They crucified the very Bread that they were supposed to live by.”

204 But, to the Elected, God is calling to the Elected. They know it: calling the virtuous Bride, the Word, the last-day Church, the elected Lady of our Lord Jesus Christ, Word. If…Jesus is the Word. How many believe that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] All right. Then, the Bride is always part of the Bridegroom, so the Bride will not be a denomination. It’ll have to be the Word, manifested, to be the Bride of Christ. He promised to do it. He said how He did. Never uses…loses His pattern. He always did it by the pattern. He done it, every time, by the pattern. He does it again, calling out His virtuous Bride in the last day, the lovely Rebekah waiting for Her Isaac. What a beautiful time! 205 Here it brings into view, the two books that’s going to be mysterious to you when you read the book of The Seven Church Ages. The two books: Book of Life, said, one says you can put your name on, you never comes off; other one says you take his name out of the Book of Life. This brings it perfectly in view, right here. I’m going to stop a few minutes, maybe, on a few notes here, and catch this before we close.
   65-1125 – The Invisible Union Of The Bride Of Christ
   Rev. William Marrion Branham

Rev. William Marrion Branham

Another Brother commented to me : The reason a lot of the ministries in the past had a huge problem with the Church Age Book is because the book was strictly against the Nicolaitian Spirit.

They were Holiness Pentecostal Preachers for the most part. They thought Nicolaitian only meant a pope or district presbyter telling a local pastor what to do. In the Church Age Book the prophet clarified it also has to do with the clergy controlling the church with an iron fist. The mentality that the laity is supposed to just ‘set down, shut up, and hand over your money” is strictly against what the prophet taught in the Church Age Book.

The prophet said, “How dare the hierarchy declare the laity has no word to say? Each has a work, each has a ministry. The Holy Ghost came at Pentecost and separated Himself on each, that it might be fulfilled whereof Christ said,”

I would include paragraph 296-1, but it is way stronger and hits too close to home to many clergy members around the Message today.

In another place the prophet said the gifts are put in the church to keep it clean. Since the clergy don’t want the sin to be kept out of the church they try their best to shut the voice of the Spirit up in the laity and declare they are the only one in the church the Spirit can speak through. In effect they destroy the gifts and set up a Nicolaitian system.

Heard a big name preacher a while ago tell his whole church to shut up. I suppose he hasn’t read the Church Age Book in a while. Who knows maybe he rejects that part of the Message like other ministers which haven’t fully came out of denominationalism yet.

«  70       †        Historians agree, this is John’s life. John lived the last of his years in the city of Ephesus and died there. He was on the isle of Patmos, at the time he wrote the Book, Revelation. It was not the story of his life, but the story of Christ in future ages. See? It was a prophecy. Not the life of John, not the life of Christ, but prophesying of an age to come. It was not his prophetic utterances; but, the Lord’s exaltations, solemnly. It was not the Revelation of Saint John the divine, but the Revelation of Christ the Lord. It is the last Book of the New Testament, yet it tells the beginning and the end of the dispensation of the Gospel. Got Bible scholars agreeing. The letters to the seven church ages were written, prophetically, to the future ages. Paul wrote of the life and glory of the seven churches present in his day. John wrote of the life and glory of the seven churches in the future, that John was addressing the seven pastors or messengers as directly all Christians under these seven different angels.

«  155-2       †        SMYRNAEAN.CHURCH.AGE  –  CHURCH.AGE.BOOK  CPT.4
The Seven Ages as set forth in Revelation Chapters 2 & 3 take in the whole span of the Fullness of the Gentiles, or the whole time in which God is dealing with the Gentiles unto salvation. In every single age, bar none, it says the very same thing in opening and closing the message to each age. “Unto the messenger of (Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea) write; These things saith He, etc., etc. “… He that hath an ear, let him (singular) hear what the Spirit saith to the churches.” Notice here that Jesus (by the Spirit) in EVERY age addresses Himself to ONLY ONE person relative to the Word for that age. Only ONE messenger for each age receives what the Spirit has to say to that age, and that ONE MESSENGER is the messenger to the true church. He speaks for God by revelation to the “churches”, both true and false. The message is then broadcast to all. But though it is broadcast for all who come within range of the message, that message is received individually by only a certain qualified group in a certain way. Each individual of that group is one who has the ability to hear what the Spirit is saying by way of the messenger. Those who hear are not getting their own private revelation, nor is a group getting their collective revelation, BUT EACH PERSON IS HEARING AND RECEIVING WHAT THE MESSENGER HAS ALREADY RECEIVED FROM GOD.

Rev William Branham

Editor : Here is the prophet’s final word on the subject..though I have more but this is enough to ascertain or confirm the authenticity of the Church Age Book.

«  302       †          Always it’s right at the end of the church age where they got the thing so… the ecclesiastic so messed up until God sends a messenger, and that’s the Message to that church age. Then they take his message, ’cause he just lives a little while, and God… then they take his message instead of carrying it on with the rest of It, they make a–a denomination. And then they come make another denomination; another messenger, take another one.
303    You all seen in my book, it’ll all be drawed out in The Seven Church Ages, which He told me; which I stand by as a witness to God to be judged at the day of Judgment for It. It come from God, not from my thinking. Notice, here. I thought–I thought different from that, if I was going to have my own thought. Like Brother Jack told me about the Angel there, how that “That Christ was a glorified body.” But it wasn’t, it was showing that the Message being right, the Supreme Deity, He was God. See? Just the very thing I had been preaching from the Word. The Word always bears record of the Word.

  1002-44    Now, that’s no evidence of the Holy Ghost. See? You can’t rely upon that. You can’t rely upon the fruit of the Spirit, because the first fruit of the Spirit is love. And the Christian Science exercise more love than anybody I know of, and they even deny Jesus Christ being Divine. See? There’s only one evidence of the Holy Spirit that I know of, and that is a genuine faith in the promised Word of the hour.

«  163       †          Oh, may God help me, both present and in the tapes, to pin that down!
164    No matter, you might have preached the Gospel, you might have cast out devils, you might have spoke with tongues, you might have shouted, danced in the Spirit, but without the Token.
You say, “Can I do it?”
165    Paul said you could. “Though I speak with tongue like man and angels, though I give all my goods to feed the poor, my body to be burned as a sacrifice, I have faith to move mountains, and these things, I am nothing yet.” Don’t rely upon that. It’s the Token! No matter how much you’ve done, how good you are; when the wrath of God flashes, it’ll only recognize the Token.

May you be truly bless for reading this post. God bless you and prosper you in all things. Glory to His Name.




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