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400 years of the King James Bible

Posted: 10 July 2011


Good news.
(Update: 26th Jan 2013 - The link given below is no more accessible. Go to this site for the Official King James Bible Online).

Thomas Nelson Publishing is celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible and is presenting a Video on how it came about and for the first time, we got to get a perspective of who King James was in the history of our Bible. How he overcame obstacles to do what he was led to do.

It also feature another aspects of an failed attempt by the adversary to bomb the House of Lords. Even up to today, they are still celebrating this failed attempt by making it into some kind of Halloween celebration.

Here are some of the links:
(Editor Note: These links listed below are no longer available. I will search for other links through YouTube if possible).

(The Book that Changed the World) http://www.kjv400celebration.com/video.php?id=12

(Part 1)

(Part 2)http://www.kjv400celebration.com/video.php?id=7

(Part 3) http://www.kjv400celebration.com/video.php?id=8

(Part 4)  http://www.kjv400celebration.com/video.php?id=9

(Part 5)      http://www.kjv400celebration.com/video.php?id=13

(Part 6)    http://www.kjv400celebration.com/video.php?id=14

(Part 7)    http://www.kjv400celebration.com/video.php?id=15

Watch for more installments by clicking on the HOME button in the centre of their web page. The huge medallion logo in the center.

About the Celebration

"The scholars who produced this masterpiece are mostly unknown and unremembered. But they forged an enduring link, literary and religious, between the English-speaking people of the world." --Sir. Winston Churchill

In January 1604, King James I of England convened the Hampton Court Conference where a new English version of the Holy Bible was conceived in response to the perceived problems of the earlier translations. Translation of what came to be known as the Authorized King James Version of the Bible began that year. and upon completion in 1611, soon became the Bible for the masses, or "the people's Bible."

Four hundred years later, the King James Version of the Bible continues to inspire people from all walks of life and faith traditions and is regarded as the most influential book ever published in the English language. H.L. Mencken praised it as "probably the most beautiful piece of writing in all the literature of the world."

Continuing the legacy, the New King James Version was introduced as the 5th major revision of the King James Bible providing a modern-day, easy-to-read translation.


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